hormone replacement therapy

Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms- Weight Gain

As a person ages, they may notice that they cannot do things as easily as they used to. They may also notice a change in their strength and their moods. This can happen in both men and women. A hormone replacement therapy program can help replenish the hormones that have been lost through nature. Now it is possible to replace them.

Hormone Replacement for Men

As a man ages, he may lose testosterone. He might notice some unpleasant changes also. He might lose interest in sex, may have trouble focusing, may notice some changes in memory, have less confidence, have a decreased stamina, and maybe moody. Hormone replacement will allow a man to see an increase in his sex drive and stamina. He will feel younger. The muscles will also be able to recover sooner, reducing pain.

Hormone Replacement for Women

As a woman ages, the estrogen levels in her body will decrease. This can lead to many of the same symptoms that men experience. When a woman receives hormone replacement, there are several things it can help with. Hormones can reduce the signs of aging. Hormone therapy for women will reduce some of the symptoms from menopause. She will see a decrease in uncomfortable hot flashes, will see an improvement in her stamina, and will feel younger.

Free Consultation

If a man or a woman is interested in seeing how hormone replacement therapy can benefit their lives, they can sit down with a professional for a free consultation. This consultation will last between 15 and 30 minutes. They will have the chance to go over the therapy and have any questions answered. During this consultation, a person will be able to talk about their health concerns and some of their health goals that hormone therapy can help with. They need to go over their medical history and make sure they are healthy enough for this treatment.

Lab Testing

If a person is found to be a good candidate for their therapy, they will need to have laboratory testing performed. Blood samples will be taken to check overall health conditions and check the level of hormones. The labs are CLIA certified to ensure the results are reliable and accurate. The results will be available promptly.

Test Results and Program Development

Post lab tests, full-body check-up is done. after all this, the doctor goes through all the reports and know from you your medical history. They will talk about your lifestyle and daily habits. They will also go over the lab results and discuss the hormone levels that were found below. The doctor will work with the patient to develop a plan and prescribe specific medications that will rebalance the hormones and allow a person to have an improved quality of life. Each patient will have a customized plan and medications based on their hormonal levels and needs.

Continued Care

Once a person begins their hormone therapy program, they will need to see the doctor periodically for a follow-up. They will go over the treatment plan, discuss progress and results, order additional medication, and schedule follow up lab work. This will once again check the hormone levels to see if they are coming closer to being balanced.

If a person feels they are missing out on some things in life they once enjoyed due to aging, there may be a problem with their hormone levels. A person should schedule a consultation with a doctor to see if their hormone levels are unbalanced. They can then get treatment to replace the hormones that the body is lacking.

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