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I Am Dyslexic Not Mentally Challenged!

We often believe, we need to be fit and fine to accomplish a given task or for that matter I should say we always tend to give reasons for not achieving the goals but believe me there are people who overcome their disabilities to cover a mammoth task and stand tall to be the inspiration for millions. One such story is of a girl suffering from dyslexia, who was bullied all her childhood as a mentally challenged!

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She neglected her weakness and encouraged her strengths and today she is the co-founder of two dance companies. In her interview with Humans of Bombay she said, “I found out I had dyslexia when I was in the 7th standard. Even though it’s a learning disability, people started calling me mentally challenged and during that period I stopped going to school all together. I battled depression at such a young age, because I didn’t quite understand what was wrong with me.

Finally, we decided to switch my school and the principal there encouraged me to get into extra-curricular activities, and that’s how I began to dance. Through dance and performing at school events I got my confidence to face the world back — I no longer felt inferior and less capable. This confidence even allowed to me to focus better on my studies and through remedial learning I overcame my dyslexia within a year and a half.

Tithi Vaishnav

I started teaching dance professionally at the age of 16 and today I’m the co-founder of 2 dance companies. The once dyslexic girl who was mocked about being mentally challenged, is proud to say that dyslexia doesn’t define who you are– It’s something that makes you stronger in the long run. I didn’t necessarily have the best grades…but did it really matter as much as I thought it did?”

She overcame her weakness, learnt dance and made it as her strength. This one thing we can learn from her story is, there is nothing that can stop us from reaching our aspirations but us! All you need is a dedicated determination and a hard work that follows.

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