imperfect perfection

In Pursuit Of Imperfect Perfections

We will agree that today the world has become very competitive. Right from the beginning we compete with everyone around us. In school we compete with fellow students, college we do the same, at office we want to excel to ensure we get more opportunities to grow over our colleagues. This chain of competition is endless and stays with us throughout our life. It has made our lives a rat race where everyone strives to be better than the other. This lifestyle has influenced us so-much that we consider this excelling in everything and achieving perfection as source of happiness. After all, this is the ultimate goal of our life, achieving happiness. However, due to this constant vying we have started to believe that achieving perfection is the only way to achieve happiness. This pursuit also sets most of us in the quest to achieve perfection. As perfection is the ultimate achievement that can offer us all we ever need. What can be more fulfilling than achieving perfection?

So what exactly is perfection? As per the oxford dictionary perfection means ‘Free from any flaw or defect in condition or quality; faultlessNow we all know that nothing can be faultless, so this means no matter how much we try everything will be imperfect. More over perfections is also subjective as something that might be perfect for me will be imperfect for you. Now this adds more complication to the already complex nature of the term. So why run behind something that cannot be achieved or defined?

It is important to always strive towards this notion of flawlessness as sometimes more than achieving the goal the teachings you get while trying to achieve are more fruitful. This constant quest may not acquire us perfection but the perseverance will definitely inculcate us on the path of excellence and that will provide us with the sense of fulfillment. This focus will help us to become better individuals. The lack of such motivation will lead us nowhere and will be trapped without being at tranquil. However, one should not forget that there will always be those who will find flaws in our attempts. This should never be the cause to stop our efforts, as the notion of perfection is like beauty, it lies with the beholder.

However, this excursion towards the flaw free life should not be taken too seriously. The constant chase detaches us from the equally important part of life that is to enjoy the current moment and living it to the fullest. Always striving for better future results in ruining our present and as much it is important to secure the upcoming unknown it is equally important to savor the right now. Embracing your imperfections will provide you equal or more tranquil than stressing about the unachievable. In today’s world the pressure of excelling is so high that the whole purpose of learning in the journey is lost and instead the strain takes over. Since, the achievement of perfection is a myth it is sensible to try and exert self improvement.

It is this weird paradox of life, the quest to achieve something prodigious can take you on the journey of excelling and self development and also at the same time stressing too much about attaining the goal can land up taking you further from the eventual aim of being content. Hence, it is wise to accept that the perfection and imperfection are two sides of the same coin. So to lead a fulfilling life one needs to balance the act of striving for transcendence while accepting the faults within.

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