5 Indian Adverts That Can Make You Smile And Cry At A Time!

Adverts when released have few things as their goals – to sell their product, to leave the brand etched in the minds and to ignite some kind of pre decided behavioral change and to make it a possible success, Indian companies sell their products on the emotional road. Yes, that’s correct! We watch many ads on the television but only few becomes topic to discuss on the dinner table, “Hey, did you check the Jewellery ad, where a father….” not any funny illogical Alpenliebe- Croc ad!! What remains with us for more time with an impact is an ad which not only sells their product but also walk beside morality.

Here are five of those many emotional Indian Ads that makes us think and think:

1.Think. Reflex. Act by Whistling Woods International is something that every men in India should watch. Here I do not generalize that all men stare women with those not so good thoughts on the backdrop but it is only to spread more and more message on how men really look when they stare at women or any of her body parts.

This video is an amazing take on Dekh le dekhte huye tu kaisa dikhta hai concept

2. An Inspiration by The Times of India group is what every human being in the world has to learn. It’s about how you ignore crucial things, just because he/she or authority isn’t taking a step ahead you shouldn’t be doing it either? This is what is shown in the video that how one little child inspires the entire crowd stuck in traffic to do the basics as the citizens of the city because Tum Chalo To Hindustan Chale!

3. Because only those who lived away from home for studies or career will understand what it means to have homemade food. This Indian ad where a dadi ma’s persistent tries to serve her grandson a few spoon of dal (lentil soup), despite being rejected by the hospital nurse is something you cannot miss. No matter in what state you are, where you are, ghar ka hhana,ghar ka khana hota hai boss! An ad by Fortune Foods!

4. One of the many emotional videos by Vodafone that has the potential to make you smile genuinely and deeply from the heart. This ad where an a man is bidding adieu to his office for it’s his last day but no one really cares, what happens later will open your eyes and also makes sure that what it is to be the reason for someone’s smile and a Khushi ka aansu.

5. In midst of  tension between India and Pakistan, ads like these always ease the tense between the citizens and try to revive the not so easy bond between the people and the countries. It also mentions the importance of friendship that is between an Indian army and a Kashmir localite who upgrades his phone for his friends happiness is an ice in summer. An ad by olx has touched our souls.

Do you have any such powerful Indian ads with powerful message, drop us the link below. And yes, advance me Thank You!

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