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Indian Women At Rio: Will India Learn From Our Olympic Athletes?

The only country where people worship goddesses but never minds raising a violent hand to beat women, the country where people are more obsessed with fair skin and less on the inner beauty, the country who believes women are best at home, and their work profile? That of a housewife’s!! The sub-continent which just came out of the cricket cocoon and has just opened its feathers. But will it learn from what Indian women at Rio showed the 1.32 Billion of us?

Until the beginning of last week India’s performance at Rio was 0-0-0 for Gold-Silver-Bronze respectively and the same was shamed by prominent writers like Shobha De, which neither was a cheering encouragement nor an expected celebrity statement of that strata. Well, she did get befitting reply from Rio players who couldn’t make it and also from legends like Amitabh Bachchan; however nothing could beat a silent answer wrapped in a victory and Indian Sports Ladies proved that in Rio!

Last Wednesday the country cheered, danced and went all gaga about Sakshi Malik, a female wrestler hailing from the state Haryana, where honor killings, Khap Panchayat and girl child violence is at high. No words spoken, no dharnas attended… just actions to set an example by winning a Bronze for India! The Friday in the same week we saw a tigress roaring INDIA… INDIA in the Badminton pitch who was lethal at her play before she went down to the world Champion Spaniard Carolina Marin but brought home a Silver. What a splendid game it was!! PV Sindhu, you united India to watch badminton match and not Cricket, yet another achievement!

Last Sunday, a girl who was praised by the world for her mind blowing and unbelievable performance, who came back home with no medal but praises. She set an example to prove the Indians that Women are goddess in true sense. Dipa Karmakar became the first gymnast at the Olympics who stood 4th in the world championship and won million hearts. Cricket not again!!


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This!! Also a side of Indian Women at Rio!! it is appalling that a world level marathon runner, a national record holder O.P. Jaisha revealed the fact that she didn’t receive the very basic need, water while every other runners were given refreshments after every 2.5 km. Indian desks were empty with a country name and a flag!! Jaisha, who was almost fainted and couldn’t believe how she ran 42.195kms without even a single refreshment (NOT A DROP OF WATER) in 2:47:9s. Forget this, there was no one to reach her from Indian Medical Official to even give her a medical checkup, when she finished the marathon. Why India, At least can we respect the ones who is playing for our pride?  Do we realize that we could have won a medal provided she was given a proper attention?

Other modest achievements that saved India’s face and double standards at Rio was Aditi Ashok’s keen eye on the Golf ball, who was qualified for final but couldn’t end it the desired way. Lalita Babar, stood 10th in 3000m steeplechase and became second Indian woman to qualify for the final of track and field. Such a huge success and a slap at Indian men’s Hypocrisy!

Is India learning from what Indian women showed the world? Will Indian fathers allow their daughters to study and not set marriage dates un-preferably? Or will Indian husbands would ever stop being over dominating husbands upon their forcefully recessive wives, whom they just believe to be a progeny cum maid machine? Or will the government or any other institutes would change their outlook towards women, be it common citizens or the wages paid to the women employees or the sportswomen? Shouldn’t India be Thankful to its ladies for saving her pride at world level games, and stop being a biased nation?

The Beti Bachao.. Beti this.. Beti that.. Save girl child.. are useless if you do not support your own women at home and cut their wings if dare tried to fly!!

The question is open… Will India Learn and Change? Can India see how many medals they have already abused, molested and killed? This isn’t a questions to the government or just the men, it is also to you, me and to the person with whom you would discuss this further.

We need a change, and it has began. Thank you 119 participants and winners at Rio Olympics 2016, India bows to you!

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