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‘It’s Called Vitiligo’ – A Tattoo She Got To Shut The People From Staring At Her!

Beauty is within you, of course outer beauty matters but is not ageless as the inner beauty of a person is. People have a notion of judging a person from their external beauty which is more of a synthetic but forgets to praise or at least consider the person’s character and natural behave. Something similar happened with Tiffany Posteraro who is a 24 year old young woman suffering from a skin condition.

It all began when she just 7 year old, she noticed small white spots on her knees, then wrists and sooner it spread on her various body parts. Unknown about the condition, she visited dermatologist with her parents who gave her an ointment that showed no help. She was 11, when she learnt that it was Vitiligo, a skin condition which causes the loss of skin pigment. She was happy for finally getting introduced with the condition she was living with but at the same time she was depressed every time someone pass out a comment on her.


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She said, “People stared and made nasty comments.” Strangers went so far as to call her “cow,” “Dalmatian,” and “burn victim.” Sunk in the bullying, she thought of covering the patches with the heavy duty makeup. “I tried everything possible to cover it up. I got really dark spray tans and used industrial-strength foundation, the kind used to cover deep scars.”

But one day, she met a fellow Vitiligo sufferer and that changed her mind. She stood determined and decided to do what she should have done long back but then it’s ok, every great decisions comes after realisation.

“Why should I hide who I am? It’s exhausting.”

Inspired and empowered by the new friend she met, who boosted her confidence, Tiffany decided to embellish her rare condition with a tattoo that would make people guilty on bullying her.

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She got “It’s called Vitiligo” written on her forearm.

Tiffany loves her tattoo and affirms it as “Liberating”. She is now a part of people working hard to remove such stigma associated with the skin conditions. Tiffany gave an inspirational message to the world to love yourself the way you are.

Any skin condition or disease should not hamper your confidence or inner beauty to wither. We wish Tiffany a very all the best for the journey she has chosen for social work. Let’s take good things from the world and get inspired.

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