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Just A HouseWife – What Is Wrong In It?

Women, who are they? An inferior gender of Home Sapien I assume people will guess, No.. not all but definitely majority of us. Why? Because women are one digit lesser than the men in the world sex ratio of men:women – 101:100? Or because the world considers that, women on an average have less muscular strength than men? Why have we taken women for granted? Why certain men and women believe working women are the smart category, overtaking the women who are housewives? So many question I want to answer today.

And not just men, this is for every women out there. Do not consider yourself weak, you are a working women, be proud and continue to be one!  You are a housewife, be proud of who you are and what you do, do not feel oppressed, small and discontinue what you love to do. Moreover ladies, let me remind you all that being a housewife, just a housewife is cool, confident and more responsible.

I have seen people asking married women,

“What do you do?”

“I am a housewife.”

“Oh, I see. Relaxing huh?”

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Seriously? How can she relax as a housewife? Aren’t they forgetting that ‘HOUSEWIFE’ is an very elaborate term in itself? If these people have forgotten, let’s remind them, ‘Ghar ki Rani – Gharwali’ and they have plenty responsibilitiesIf you, my dear reader you are a man, who thinks she is just a housewife, this is for you.

She is not a mere woman, a housewife or a working women but she is a full time housewife worker. Yes, you heard me right, you may be working for 9-10 hours, but she works more than that. You might be working on a single post doing variant job profile, but she is posted on three posts – a Wife, A Daughter-In-Law and A Mother juggling with multiple roles, you will not even think of doing all at a time. She is the reason behind you reaching your office at time, packed with the lunchbox and your dressing ready, oh yes, not to forget you are also thankful to her for your king style breakfast. She is the reason you have everything – water to drink in your empty glass, food to eat on your empty plate, a laughing and playful child in your empty house, a smile on your parents aging faces. Do not forget, she is the emotional, physical and mental filler in the empty life you live.

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Your child’s good behaviour conduct with you is her dedication, as mother she is the first teacher of your child. She taught him/her who the father is and why you are so important. She is the one standing on toe when your parents need anything, acting just like a nurse. Moreover, she is that glue in a book which binds every relations, welcoming anyone who arrives at your doorstep and also never forgets to reprimand the people who crosses the boundaries of her patience. She is the reason that you can come home and directly get your dinner ready, your kid educated on school homework and your parents happy and healthy. She understands your salary and spends accordingly.

Remember, She is the protagonist of her husband’s movie called LIFE and her husband needs to treat her as a queen. In spite of performing various multi tasker profiles, have you seen a housewife demanding a Medical-Casual leaves or for that matter, have you seen her demanding even a salary?

And still she is been asked – As a housewife what does she do?

P.S – If you are a Housewife and a working woman, then my hats are off to you!

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