Naavnidhi K. Wadhwa

Lead to Inspire – Make Your Own Destiny!

In today’s fast moving world, it is pretty easy for anyone to be swept into the world of obscurity if he/she doesn’t fight back. To remain strong and optimistic against any adverse situation is the key to success. There is plethora of instances to quote of individuals who have outmanoeuvred fate and have set themselves as inspiration for others to follow.

We all have the skills and strength to achieve what we aim. All we need is to focus and remain positive and inspire ourselves to lead. Always remember, every cloud has got a silver lining. It could be as trivial as re-aligning our daily schedule to make room for personal development, or it could be as gigantic as changing our career stream to rightfully focus where your heart lies.

Many say, my name aptly conveys my success story – Nine Treasure. I was crowned Mrs. Asia Women of Universe, 2018. My way to the crown and to the other horizons that I now explore has been a taxing journey. But with strong will power and persistent determination to do the unthinkable, I was able to outsmart all the hurdles and obstacles with flying colours.

I’m sharing my story with the sole intent of being able to inspire you to come out of your shell and face the difficulties with the best of your potential! Remember, if you believe you can, you truly can!


Life for a woman is split in two halves. The first is when you are staying with your parents and the second is after marriage. How these relationships are built, is the foundation of your journey towards becoming who you are.

For me, the first half was very crucial as I overcame many hurdles in my life. God was kind to me by giving me supportive parents. They encouraged me to learn things which I liked and did not force their will over me. In those times when girls in my neighbourhood were disallowed to study further or were allowed to study only certain subjects, my parents gave me a full freedom to study what I wanted. I wanted to study Fashion designing and they did not say no. In fact, they supported my decision and encouraged to join the institute of my choice. Though, while growing up I had struggled with one of the most significant drawbacks that I can’t communicate in English. As I came from a Hindi medium school, I was timid due to lack of confidence. But I understood that we must accept and cherish the gifts received from this universe. I believe that life is all about action, that action is the only way to success, and hard work is the only way to get rid of the shortcomings in life, both physical and mental ones.

In the second half of my life, I was equally fortunate to find a companion that understands and supports me. I mastered in so many courses after I got married. As I am spiritually inclined, I always wanted to pursue meditation and soon founded the group Rapid Evolution to help train others to achieve their goals faster.

Like it’s said every page has a different story. Even in your life there are people who will surely support you for what you are and what you will be tomorrow.

So cling on to the hope of achieving your dreams and with the right actions and efforts put in, there is nothing you cannot do. This isthe secret route for your success. And let this be our little secret……

Just for you to know I am Dr. Naavnidhi K Wadhwa, A Celebrity Life, Health & Business Coach with a PhD. in Business Management and Administration, trained for NLP under Richard Bandler, a Spiritual Healer, Ambassador of Peace, Wellness and Meditation, Coach of Psychology, Naavnidhi crowned Mrs Asia Women of Universe – 2018. The founder of Paankh, an NGO that works among differently-abled children.

So if I can achieve it, so can you. Don’t give up.

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