Makeup Tips For The Bongo Look This Durga Puja!

So, it’s that time of the year, when we Bengalis have an actual reason for going crazy! Durga Puja, is the time when we worship The Great Goddess in us. It is a time to celebrate womanhood, in all ways possible which includes eating till we get into a food coma, shopping till we go broke, preening and pruning. It’s also the time when we see the glitterati step out in all their grandeur cooing to each other, dressed prim and proper in their finest, come hail or storm. It’s the time to look our best.


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Base: This year my look for this festival is of course traditional, but with a twist. To start off, I suggest using a good primer with your favourite foundation, and needless to say, use a moisturizer before it all.

Contouring: Contouring will be your next step. Using a dark shade, contour the sides of your forehead, your cheek bones, your jaw line and the sides of your nose. Use a highlighter to bring out the cheek bones and to sharpen your nose, above your upper lips and middle of you chin. Use a pink cream blush to keep you blushing through the day.

Lips: The traditional look will not be complete without deep, dark red lips. So, find the shade that works for you best, line your lips with a similar coloured pencil, and add that red to your lips. Don’t forget to define your perfect pout with a juicy red lip gloss.

Eyes: And to go with it, the classic Smokey eye for your peepers. Use a Taupe colour all over your lids, darken the edges with a grey eye shadow and blend away. Line your lids with a kohl pencil using a smaller eye brush. Pick up the taupe and the grey and smudge the liner, both on your upper and lower lids. No harsh lines should be visible. The secret to a good smokey eye is to blend, blend and blend! Also using the right brushes will bring out the sizzle in the smoke!

Eyelashes: Time for your eye lashes! Use a curler and a mascara with a thick wand, and coat your lashes a few times. Go back in and fill in your water lines with the same kohl. Using a waterproof one would help. Do not forget to fill in your brows.

Now the traditional Bengali look is incomplete without a bindi, so wear a big, round maroon one. For all you married women use a red sindoor to complete your look.

curly hair

Hair: Now let’s do the hair. Traditionally it would be a bun, but this year lets curl our hair like The Great Goddess herself. Tong your hair using a wand. Curl all your hair away from your face. Do not open the curls till they are cold. Here I would suggest finishing curling all your hair, waiting for a bit and then tussling your hair and opening the curls out. This should leave you with a lot of volume and beautiful natural curls. Part your hair in the middle. Finish it off with a hair spray and some shinning product.

Now that you look like a typical Bengali woman, go out and celebrate the “Bong” in you.

A very wise, old man had once told me that “Bengali women are the salt of the Earth”. I of course being a proud Bong agreed completely. But come on, we are also hot! saucy and sexy.

Here’s wishing you all a Happy Durga Puja and a Shubh Navratri.

Image Source: www.heartbowsmakeup.com, www.pinterest.com

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