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Making a Lasting Impression on a Job Interview

Job Interviews are always tensing. What will be the questions asked, am I the right candidate, will I fit into their requirements, and more. Well, with these thoughts running through your mind, there is also one very important criterion you need to consider for a lasting impression; your dress code at the interview!

When you walk through the door, with a panel of experts sitting across the table, vying every aspect of you, your clothing makes a great contribution in setting their thoughts about you. Thus, it is extremely important that you know the Do’s and Don’ts of a job interview dress code. So, while you are still at home and preparing for an upcoming interview, read through these important clothing tips for a lasting impression on your soon to be Bosses!

No Revealing Necklines or skirts

When choosing clothes for an interview, keep those deep cut necklines and revealing tops for a party later on. Avoid short skirts with cuts as they can put a wrong impression of your character during the interview.

Choose knee length official dresses or well stitched pants for a corporate look. Also choose the colors carefully. Opt for blacks, greys and whites for a stylish look.

Well Fitted Clothing

Once you have chosen what you wish to wear to your interview, make sure you try them out at least once. This will help you know if they fit you perfectly or not.

Avoid ill-fitted clothes for an interview. Wear clothes that are perfectly structured and simple. Pair a loose pant with a perfectly fitting shirt or top. Wear a coat to complete the look.

Clothes highlighting the company’s requirement

Choose clothes based on the job you are applying for. For instance, if you are a applying for a job in a fashion magazine, then you certainly don’t want to sit in the interview wearing a boring corporate structured dress. Instead, wearing a stylish, elegant and decent dress from a designer brand would be more appropriate.

Similarly, if you are applying for a high job profile in a corporate firm, make sure you look classy and formal at the same time.

Appropriate Footwear

Wear footwear that compliment your overall look, apart from being comfortable to your legs. Ask yourself if you can wear your high heels to the interview and walk through the doors without any problem. If not, try wearing smart loafers or block heels for a perfect look.

Elegant Jewellery

Wearing a formal dress may look corporate, but when you wear an elegant piece of simple jewellery with it, you look stylishly formal.

Avoid wearing clinking bangles or huge neckpieces that attract a lot of attention to your neck. They may distract you from the interview questions which may not be a good thing for you. Instead, wear simple pendants, stud earrings, pearl sets or diamonds to look classy.

Perfect fitting innerwear

Once you have chosen a stylish dress, shoes and jewellery, you surely don’t want your innerwear to pop out from the sides of your clothes or get attention of your new employer. This can set a very bad impression of you on your employers.

Wear a perfectly fitting bra and underpants that gie right shape to your body, and most importantly are comfortable to you.

Right attitude

And lastly, Girl wear the right attitude to the interview. Don’t let your fear overcome your confidence. Be polite, quick and confident for a successful interview.

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