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Modern Michelle Obama Rejects The Obsolete Thoughts of Saudis

Modernity does not come from wearing fancy clothes neither from eating pizzas and burgers. One can only be called ‘modern’ when s/he is out of such discrepancies or making such differences. Being liberal, tolerant and having open thoughts is more like being modern. Ideology makes you modern and not just the soft culture which changes over the period of time. Culture is dynamic, not static. It changes over the period of time and from place to place.

Well, here was Michelle Obama, the First Lady of USA along with her husband attending the funeral of Saudi Arabia’s king Abdullah. She was wearing a normal pair of clothes which she is ‘free’ to wear but, was commented upon not wearing a veil by few of the Saudi conservatives while visiting their country. Frankly speaking, a misogynistic tyrant was being given respect without a motive of being disrespectful towards others freedom.

A despot and a patriarchal blockhead who still bans women from suffrage rights and driving. The one who wants women to be accompanied by men when they go out in public, cover themselves from head to toe (as if there are no rape cases of women in the veil) and be the ‘ideal’ types. A monger who kept his daughters locked up for standing up for women’s right. Should he be respected? How many of you say yes? None of the ‘modern’ beings I guess!

Why would a woman take up sexist ridiculousness at all! Even in other countries?! Who are ‘others’ to decide what she is supposed to wear, or how she is supposed to walk and talk? Think about it.

Image Courtesy: thedailybanter.com

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