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Must Know Vaginal Health Pointers For Girls

‘V’ for Vagina! For the women of India, talking or discussing openly about their sex issues or sexual health is usually considered a not very appreciated topic. Yes… you have equal rights as men, equal freedom as them but you are not allowed to talk about a certain things with freedom. For women, a major part of their life largely depends on their vaginal health. Periods, regular periods, irregular periods, cycstic ovaries, sex, pregnancy, no pregnancy, failure to conceive, UTI etc. it all revolves around the word Vagina. Thus, it gets important that women openly share their health issues related to their vagina and ensure its good health. So, to help you maintain your good vaginal health, here are a few vaginal health pointers that you should e aware of.

  • Keep your underside dried out and fresh

Getting her underpants wet after visiting the toilet and not cleaning the vagina after passing urine or leaving it moist due to the discharge, can be a reason for infection. Thus, keeping the area dry and clean always helps you in taking good care of your vagina.

  • As far as possible avoid Douches

The harmful elements and scents in various douches may disturb the fragile ‘pH balance’ in your vaginal area. And this may cause a soreness or pungent smell. So, clean your vaginal area naturally.

  • Lubricating is essential

‘Vaginal dryness’ while having sex may cause uneasiness and also pain. In such a condition, apply lubricants that are available especially for your vagina.

  • Change Sanitary pads frequently

During your monthly periods ‘a change of sanitary pads (napkins) after a few (5-7) hours is advised. Using the same pad for long can cause rashes and also an infection in your vagina.

  • After an inter course cleaning the vagina is vital

Using gentle Soaps and water to wash your vagina is necessary to avoid bacterial infections after having a sexual intercourse.

  • Use Cotton under wear to be free from sweating

Wearing tight or synthetic underpants reduces the air supply to your vaginal area, causing sweating. This in turn, further leads to a bad odor and a possibility of infection. Thus, you are highly exposed to get infected in the private parts.

  • Reduction in ‘pH Level’ may be the source of infection

The vagina has the tendency to remain healthy by itself. Its “pH level” is anywhere between ‘3.8- 4.5’. If this level is disturbed by using strong ‘soaps and Chemical based cleansers’ you may suffer from repeated irritation and vaginal infection. Using gentle soap and H2O is the only way to keep your vagina clean. If you feel a smell difference, going to your physician is advisable.

  • Removal of hair in the frontal genital area

The frontal genital hair should be kept short or removed to its cleanliness. As far as possible, don’t use a razor or shaver to clean your pubic hair.

  • Use Talc for vaginal dryness

Using talcum powder helps keeping the frontal genital area dry and clean for long. However, make sure the powder is medicated and designed only for your sensitive areas.

  • Evade rubbing the genital area harshly

The genital area has a fragile casing that peels effortlessly with severe cleansers. So, use gentle ones to clean your genitals. Make sure you rub the area softly with light hands.

  • Shaded Liquid release is abnormal

Knowledge of ‘body release type’ is essential. If your undergarments smell badly or you see urinal leakage or vagina release, make sure you go to the doctor right away.

  • Healthy Diet

Eating healthy food like vegetables, fruits, and drinking ample water is also a great way of balancing the hygiene in your vaginal area.

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