Healthy Food #FitIndia

Naturally Healthy Food That Depicts The Colour of Tiranga #FitIndia

For India, 15thAugust is a day for her re-birth. A lot of us make clean eating and fitness resolutions every year but see those fading away with the passing months. So, let’s use this opportunity for the re-birth of those resolutions and transform our country to #FitIndia

As we know that the 3 colours define specific significance in the Tiranga similarly they also have a major impact on our diet. Confused how? Here’s the key!

Healthy Food


This group includes all orange, yellow and red coloured foods more or less. Packed with nutrients, they contain high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C and flavonoids. Along with it being abundant in fibre; it is beneficial not only for skin and hair but also helps to decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Healthy foods

  1. Pumpkin: The bright coloured pumpkin flesh is loaded with fibre and minerals. The high potassium content also offers protection to the heart.
  2. Saffron: A priceless spice which is very effective to treat cold and fever. It also promotes learning and memory retention thus useful in treatment of age related mental impairment like Parkinson, dementia etc.
  3. Mango: Mangoes fulfil the requirements for vitamin A and C which boost immunity, improve eye sight. The anti-oxidants present help to produce collage thus works as anti-ageing ingredient along with above mentioned benefits.
  4. Tomatoes: Fresh tomatoes aid in weight management, rich in folate and vitamin K essential for functioning of all cells and tissues. It may also protect against sun burns.
  5. Fresh dates: They are a storehouse of multiple minerals like manganese, copper, potassium. Also they are loaded with anti-oxidants and fibre for glowing skin and digestive aid with a lower glycaemic index thus beneficial for diabetics.


  1. Schezwan /Tomato sauce:Loaded with plenty of salt, sugar and preservatives with minimalistic health benefit.
  2. Fanta / mirinda/ Juices: Generally loaded with sugar, soda and fruit concentrates with ZERO fibre. Keep it real, have a whole fruit instead!
  3. Cheetos/kurkure:The high amount of Trans fat, sugar and sodium offer no benefit to your health instead work towards clogging the arteries in the long run.


While the rule says stay away from white foods but when explored enough there are a variety of white foods that are crammed with nutrients. The key benefit of white foods is it boosts immunity.

Healthy Ingredients

  1. Garlic: This potent ingredient has been linked to heart health especially stiff arteries and anti-cancer mechanisms. It also has anti-microbial properties.
  2. Mushroom: These are low in calories, packed with fibre and protein- a perfect choice for weight watchers. They also have anti-inflammatory power which protects against allergies.
  3. Milk: Milk contains a wide array of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus reducing the risk of fractures. It is a versatile ingredient, high in protein containing all essential amino acids.
  4. Feta cheese: As compared to all other varieties of cheese, feta cheese is low in calories and high in minerals like calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D important for healthy bones. But on contrary it is slightly high in sodium content and hence must be used judiciously.
  5. Radish: This root vegetable is packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants which heals the symptoms of piles, swelling, and constipation and helps control blood sugars.


  1. Refined flour: Or maidais virtually devoid of any fibre and contains minerals in trace amounts; almost negligible as it is highly processed form of wheat.
  2. Polished rice: While rice contains a decent amount of nutrients, problem arises when it is polished. All the vitamins, essential amino acids, fibre is washed out with the removal of bran layer.
  3. Bread: The main ingredient is refined flour added to which we have sugar. Both of these ingredients raise blood sugars dramatically and should be quantified in our diets.


Ever imagined an ingredient that’s tasty and healthy will help you shed off those extra kilos? Additionally help rejuvenate skin, lower the risk of cancer and aid digestion. Absolutely, the GREENS!

Healthy ingredients

  1. Leafy vegetables: These are powerhouse of vitamin A vital for healthy eye-sight and hair. It also provides porteins along with being low in calories thus a plus for all weight loss goals.
  2. Avocados: These protect your eyes with high amount of vitamin E. Also they contain good quality fat i.e. MUFA (cholesterol lowering fat)
  3. Rosemary: This potent herb gives relief from migrane, improves mood, reduces stress and anxiety.
  4. Green beans: They are loaded with fibre which may reduce the risk of diabetes, obesity and heart diseases. Also folate content is helpful for people suffering with depression.

Having talked so much about the colours and benefits, here is a quick recipe to put them all on your plates .

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