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OMG – Sharing Secrets With Friends Is Pure Fun!

Secrets! Secrets are strongly interesting only if you are the receiver and the one who spill the beans every other day. Your close family member or a best friend is the one who acts like a dump yard for your secrets. Believe me, it’s you, me and guess everyone out there who have little known secrets safe with someone they trust. Even I have a few secrets of my friends and vice versa.

At times, secrets are ROFL but at times they can break someone’s heart. Whatever they are, I find them always ready to travel. There are a few secrets in the world which are rarely not known, otherwise they are spilled through any means.

Here are a list of secrets which I am sure you would relate to:

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1.The Endless Crush-List

You have a list of crushes around, aware about this big secret your friend stops you boggling at him in the crowd

College trip Secret

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2. The Bunking Risk

You had planned a secret trip with friends after bunking the class and this will always remain a secret!

Friend Zoned - Secret

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3. Doesn’t Mean You Are Not Worth

You were friendzoned by a guy you loved, this will be covered the rest of life, all you need is a true friend

hot secret

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4. The Most Interesting Talk

You had an intimate date with your ex. (Hot topic! Not sure how one can keep it digested)

To-do list - Secret

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5. Bas Ek Baar

The day you tried your first and last full cigarette pack, one of your to-do list of life.

PDA Secret

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6. The Uncontrollable

That embarrassing moment when you were shoved off from a garden for PDA

Discipline Secret

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7. Majority’s Story (Only The Cabin Scene :P)

You were taken in cabin for an hour lecture on discipline-code of conduct bla bla…you recorded and played it louder in class as an achievement

A prostitutes secret

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8. The Secret Not Worth

A common friend of your’s dates multiple genuine guys at a time, the fact will be safe with you no matter how many times you have scolded your friend. Isn’t it?

I loved writing this while I dived into the past memories. Well, I haven’t disclosed any of my friends secret yet. Have you ever spilled the beans? If yes, then write to us here!

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