Elderly Parents

Protecting Your Elderly Parents

In the later years of life, people can become more vulnerable. Their health may deteriorate both physically and mentally, or people can take advantage of them. It’s a horrible thought, but as this is a reality of life, it’s essential to make sure your elderly parents and relatives are protected. There are several things you can do to help them make sure they’re taking care of themselves, and that their finances and other assets don’t fall into the wrong hands. Here are some recommendations as to what you can do to protect your elderly loved ones.

Home Modifications

To make sure they’re safe at home, you might need to make some alterations. Installing support bars, ramps, stairlifts are all good ways to reduce their risks of falls or injury. Providing them with personal alarms is another useful tool to ensure that they can get help in emergencies if they do find themselves in this situation. If you are going to carry out these modifications, remember to include them in the process and make sure they’re comfortable with the changes you’re making to their home.

Power of Attorney

Unfortunately, there may come a time when your elderly parents or relatives can no longer make sound decisions when it comes to their finances or assets. Dementia and other conditions that can cause mental deterioration are very common in elderly people, and this could result in them losing their understanding of legal rights and other vital procedures. If this is a situation you’re facing, you need to organize a change to their power of attorney. Whether that person is you or another family member, it’s essential to take care of this to avoid potential problems later on.

Care Homes

If your parent can no longer live alone, you will need to consider your options. You might want to move them into your home and provide care for them yourself. If this isn’t a suitable arrangement for you, or they require specialist care, then you will have to find a care home for them. Assisted living facilities can provide them with a level of independence that might be preferable, but this won’t be suitable for everyone. Make sure you do your research and where possible, include them in the decision-making process.


Sadly, a lot of elderly people are susceptible to scams and can be taken advantage of when it comes to their finances. If they are beginning to lose cognitive abilities, this might also be an indication that you need to step in to help manage their money and make sure they’re paying their bills on time.


If they live alone, you might be concerned about their safety. Having quality security alarms and making sure their home is secure will give you peace of mind and will make them feel safer living alone. Always discuss these things with them first to make sure they’re comfortable with the security systems you want to install at their house.

No one wants to worry or learn that they’re elderly parents are in danger or vulnerable positions. Use the suggestions above to help keep them protected.

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