My Safety Comic & Coloring Book – A Review

A book uniquely based on safety tips is handy for children, who can learn life saving lessons through its simple yet colorful portray. As children are fast learners, sharing visual, written and audible (Of Course it’s children’s book, a parent/guardian would be along) thing, makes your job a bit easier. This colorful comic book embraces information on how our nearest security persons can help us, who are they and when to call them! The best part is they have separate pages for Doctor, Teacher, Policeman, Fireman etc, where they can fill up their local area security officers’ name and keep it byhearted for emergencies.

A comic book that is available online with colorful illustrations and dialogue boxes on what to do and what a kid should be scared of and safe from, is an outcome of one master thought.

Children of age group 7-10 can read this book, while he/she should be accompanied by their parent/guardian at least for the first time to introduce the book to them.

Another book from the same category is the’s My Safety Coloring Book, which provides a plethora of coloring options, and drawing options through which kids can learn the safety inside or outside the house, while having fun. It is the combination of studies which gives you knowledge as well as pleasure. This book caters the options for one to choose the right decision on emergency to make kids clear on security things. However, the only problem associated with this amazing colorful, full of safety information book is, its price. It is priced for 300 and 400 respectively and that makes it a bit expensive, specially for kids who can be lured to these wonderful books easily.

All over, it educates children about the basic safety rules accompanied with colorful illustrations and cartoons. A must buy!

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