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Safety Tips for Women Travelers

Being a solo woman traveler, you should stay alert when you are surrounded by strange men. There are many chances of theft and sexual harassment, especially in unknown countries. Here are few tips that will help you to stay safe while travelling the world:

Tips To Travel Safe

1. Try to avoid any situation where you find yourself alone with man. Join a traveler group for taxi ride or tour. Do not let any man enter your hotel room.
2. Do not reveal to anyone that you are a single woman traveler and visiting the place first time. Pretend yourself as married and act as you are aware of the place.
3. Avoid traveling in crowded buses to avoid the chance of getting hassled. If traveling in bus is a must, try to travel with a companion and sit close to the bus driver.
4. Try to be in a group always during night. Be in a well-lit area always and keep your eyes on the surroundings.
5. Always be ready with your keys while you arrive to your room.
6. Theft is very common in some countries. So, carrying expensive jewelry or bag full of other belongings is quite risky.
7. Keep your money in a separate pouch and do not show off your ipods or any jewelry.
8. While walking on street, keep your bag close to your body to avoid bag snatching. Use a shoulder bag and wear it around your neck.
9. Check all the bills before paying. Ensure that the cabs are licensed and their meters are working before you sit inside.

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