Santa Claus

Be the Santa this Christmas!!! – By Elisha Kriis

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful”.
Norman Vincent Peale

As the countdown for the greatest holiday celebration in the west begins, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards the festivity in its full glory. Yes it is the time for Christmas, a tradition that dates back to the 18th century and its magic never seems to fade. Every year, people all over the world celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. As is with any festival, Christmas too has many traditions and customs which are being carried forward by families, the world over. These traditions and customs may be as varied as the diversity in cultures. Some though are common to everyone; they are still celebrated in all parts of the world. What I love the most about this festival is the way it unites the family in the holiday season. Whether it is about getting together and choosing the perfect tree, decorating it together with your family and friends, preparing for the big Christmas dinner or shopping for the Christmas gifts for everyone in your family, Christmas is always fun. Mentioning about gift, Ohh…. that’s my favorite part of all. I am sure many people share my feelings. I absolutely love the custom of giving gifts to friends and family. All Christians and even many non-Christians around the world who celebrate Christmas are busy shopping for their friends and family to make them feel special. I love this tradition. Everyone is simply trying to make everyone else happy. That sounds like a perfect World doesn’t it? This indeed is the best time of the year.

Traditions and customs are the special flavor of any festivity and that holds true for Christmas as well. It is a festival that is known for its spirit of joyousness and its celebratory atmosphere. These traditions define the gaiety and spirit of the season of celebrations that we know as Christmas. The Tradition Of Gifting is the best way to celebrate the festive season that makes every moment memorable. The day of Christmas comes with the message of peace for the home, the nation and the world as Jesus Christ taught the humanity about giving peace and happiness to others. The effervescent mood of Christmas gets an added zest with the exchange of gifts, how so ever small or simple it may be. I love the custom of giving gifts. There is something about giving that makes you feel fuller and happier. I see it as such an empowering feeling. Let’s look at this custom in more detail.

The origin of giving Gifts

The tradition of giving Christmas gifts owes its origin to the Magi who came from the east of Jerusalem to greet Jesus in the manger with gifts of gold, incense and myrrh. The Magi were wise men and their gifts were emblematic of tribute, worship and death of Christ. Magi are regarded as the pioneer in gift-giving tradition following the birth of Jesus.

The Grace in Giving

One of the most popular traditions on Christmas is exchanging gifts on the Christmas Eve. Everyone loves receiving gifts on Christmas. Children, with their innocence wait eagerly for Santa Claus to bring them gifts. In many countries children hang stockings believing that it will be filled with goodies by Santa Claus. But, as adults we understand the significance of giving more than receiving and plan way ahead to get something thoughtful for our near and dear ones.

The Power of Giving

Giving is much more delightful and fulfilling then just receiving. The power of giving is understated in today’s world. The more you give, the more you become capable of giving. It’s only for your best. It’s just like happiness. The more you make others happy; you get more reasons to be happy yourself. Selecting a present and exchanging it with a special person can be a most delightful aspect of the Christmas season. As simple as a bunch of nice flowers, or a basket of seasonal fruits, a box of candy or a pack of chocolates, a piece of toy or a rare species of sprouting plant, an item of trivia or an object d’art, sheer utilities like a set of cutlery or something that pampers luxury like a box of jewelry …the list is endless.

Christmas is also the best time to give away things that we don’t need to the people who do need them. Think about all the clothes in the closet that you NEVER wear, books that you no longer use, old phones or music players and all such miscellaneous items which hold no value or are obsolete for you. Give them away to the one in need and make someone’s life more comforting and joyful. Give compassion and give love. There is no other happiness in the World then the joy of sharing your blessings with others and this is the best time to do that. It is the time to be your own Santa and spread the happiness with your grace and generosity.

Happy holidays and Have a Very Merry Christmas!!

Elisha Kriis

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