girl doing side dumbbells

Shape up – Side Dumbbells to Tone Your Torso

Perfect Abs, perfect curves and that perfectly toned body!! Women love their body and every inch of its skin. The feeling of fitting into one of those sexy skinny jeans or simply wearing a dress and not being concerned about the protruding layer of fat from the sides of your torso is simply speechless. But, this is one feeling that not many women in today’s era get to experience. As teenagers the skinny look was what we all loved and things were completely different with puberty striking in and the changing hormones adding the glow. But for women, getting back into that toned chiseled body is a bit difficult, and requires a bit of exercising. And yes, the answer is right here, Side Dumbbells!

Side dumbbells are the perfect exercise for you, especially if you see flesh hanging on your obliques. Side dumbbells can help you get rid of them easily, enjoy a curvy body and look toned in all your attires. So, here is how you do it perfectly for best results.

  • Step 1
    Stand straight with your chest out. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand and keep the left hand on your waist for support. Keep the chest out and keep the legs open to shoulder width.
  • Step 2
    Keep the back straight and chest out. Start bending from the waist to the left without moving from the ground. Hold the position for a while and slowly come back to the straight position.
  • Step 3
    Once you are again in the standing position, bend to the right and follow the routine movement.
  • Step 4
    Repeat the exercise for at least 20 sets and then switch the dumbbells to the other hand. Again start the steps for the other hand.

Note: Most trainers ask you to do this exercise by holding both the dumbbells in your hands. However, using just one dumbbell allows you to bend better and avoid jerks to your back. Avoid using heavy weight dumbbells. Use the ones that you are comfortable with.

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