She Sold Her Belongings To Meet Dead Ends, For Me: Story Of An Aunt And Niece!

Just like any other girl, I am ambitious with the gut of doing something for the welfare of society. While preparing for the BBA final year examinations, I am blessed to have been selected for a job in a campus recruitment. But unlike most of the girls in college my life wasn’t a bed of roses, I lost my mother to a car accident when I was 3, within few years my father was dead too!

In the world where parents are the sole people who love you unconditionally, I had none! I was an orphan, and alone child whom one could have dropped into an orphanage or would have been treated malnourished and abusive! Who will take care of a child, who is not yours, while the financial crisis honking horns over? God was merciful for he took my parents at this early age, he had sent an angel in the form of my aunt – who looked after me not less than any mother!


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I come from a male dominated society, where women were married off before or at 18, but I was allowed to study whatever subjects interested me and do anything I liked – A complete freedom! She, my aunt believes in the power of spirituality and is inclined to Indian traditions, a kind heart for anyone who become the bite of tragedy! We have often read news about daughter-in-laws mistreating elderly in-laws, but I have seen a live example of a great bond. Why? Because she always took care of the entire family.

It wasn’t easy for her to perform her family responsibilities, but just like any female protagonist in Hindi TV Soap Operas, she did what was praised later! When I was 4, my uncle had a setback in his business and had to lose some of his properties, and to meet the ends my aunt sold her personal belongings that were given by her father. She was just 22 at that time! Though living in a rented house and meeting the dead ends stress-fully, she never made me realize that I have no mother. Those few years that my father lived after my mother’s death were horrible, he was alcoholic and was the reason for my mother’s sorrow many a times. He always tried I shouldn’t bond with my aunt for several reasons no one yet understood! Since then my aunt has taught me one thing, “being courageous is important, nothing is more beautiful than boldness of a woman.”


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It’s for her that I am a college topper today, It’s for her that I am able to receive a great job offer, it’s for her that I know how to cook, how to behave and how to be a brave, courageous and a woman with dreams, It’s for her that I am alive today! No greetings of mine would be enough to be thankful for what she has done for me! Yes, I can pray god to let every woman be like her, so that the world becomes a beautiful home to live in!

Neither have I heard nor have seen – An aunt treating her niece-in-law as her own daughter irrespective of any odds and any discrimination between me and her 2 sons, younger to me! Moreover, she always taught her sons to be respectful and loving to me and so did uncle! I was lucky to have such an aunt and uncle! They never made me feel like an orphan! I am Bhargavi Rudra, A niece no less than a daughter!

P.S : She was not my mother, but my aunt! My friends came to know this truth only when I was in 1st year college, Such was her treatment towards me!

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