Skin Care Mistakes

Skin Care Mistakes – What You Should Avoid For A Glowing Skin!

For glowing skin one should always eat healthy. Healthy does not mean cutting off oily and spicy food permanently but one should balance in a way that it should not affect the glow of the skin.

People often make mistakes for skin care.

Sleeping with Makeup

Sleeping with Makeup

  • Sleeping without removing make up.
  • Applying moisturizers on wet skin.
  • Applying old make up. Make up should not be old for more than 3 years, usage of makeup which is more than three years old can cause skin infections like rashes, eczema, red spots etc.
  • Applying scrub more than thrice a week. Extreme usage of scrub can damage and make the skin dry.
  • Using shaving cream and razor to remove unwanted hair.
  • Using skin products without knowing if it is your skin type or not.
  • Changing skin products too often.

For your skin to be glowing and hydrated it is very important to have a skin routine in place. Your lifestyle habits which includes your diet and exercise as well as use of products are the key factors to having a glowing skin. You must consume water regularly, always remember how much water you drink is never enough! To have a glowing skin the three important mantra is to exfoliate, moisture and hydrate

Here are some of the things you should avoid in order to have a glowing skin:

  • Always use a sun screen, avoid using creams that are highly fragranced instead use products that have natural and simple ingredients
  • Avoid junk and oily food. Consume a lot of vegetable, fruits and nuts
  • It is essential to sleep for 8-10 hours everyday
  • Avoid sleeping with make up. Use a cleansing lotion to wash your face.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Less caffeine consumption
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