Staying Beautiful Naturally By Going Soapless

The first step to a healthy skin is based on the type of cleanser we use,

Have you been hearing that soaps aren’t good for your skin !!!! and you wonder why !!!

Let me explain

The natural PH level of skin is between 4.5 -5.5

On the PH scale of 0-14,0 is highly acidic,7 neutral and 14 is most alkaline

Lot is being heard that soaps aren’t good for the skin and we all wonder why !!!

The body first line of defence is the skin (it is called the acid mantle ) A bit of acidity protects the skin from bacteria, wind and pollutants ,allergens as well it retains moisture ..Factors like UV light ,environmental pollution and climate change can affect the Skin PH causing dry flaky skin ,inflammation or eczema. For our skin to look good the best thing we can do is to it’s naturally slightly acidic PH level

SOAP is actually alkaline and the PH IS 9 to11  basic for skin, it strips the skin of the natural oils needed for moisture.

The best cleansers for your face depend very much on your skin type and if you have any skin conditions.

There are 4 Skin types:

Oily or Combination skin, dry and normal

Skin conditions can be Sensitive Skin, Acne prone skin, Dehydrated Skin, Pigmented skin (skin with spots)

Types of cleansers

Cleansing Cream: it is rich in oil content great for treating dry skin and great for removing make up

Cleansing Milk: good for normal to dry skin and for treating sensitive skin

It has relatively high proportion of water to oil; making consistency of cleansing milk light weight

Cleansing Lotion: mainly used for treating oily skin; cleansing lotions usually do not contain oil

Facial Gel /Foaming Cleanser: a mild formula which foams when mixed with water. This cleanser is suitable for most skin types.

A foaming cleanser is quick to use on the face while you are bathing or having your shower.

Cleansing Bar: Very good for cleansing oily to normal skin which is not sensitive. it is a milder alternative to soap as it is not as harsh on the skin.

Facial Wipes: I would preferably use this as an emergency tool …very easy to use

For a healthy skin, the right choice of cleansers is very important look for facial (and body) cleansers that say “soap-free,” “pH Balanced” or “pH Neutral”.

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