Skin Lightening Treatment – A Long Loved Therapy of Bollywood Divas

Picture perfect beautiful skin! We Indians love to look fair and spend insane amount of money only to look more beautiful, fair skinned. On the other hand, are the Europeans and the other fair skinned people who spend a huge amount of dollars only to look a little tanned and have a dusky look. After all, its all about choices and looks.

In India, people are highly obsessed over the fair complexion. Right from a simple next door girl to our Bollywood divas, almost everyone wants to look fair and undergo an immense range of treatments to look a few shades fairer. Here are a few Bollywood queens who have undergone skin lightening treatments to look fairer. See for yourself, their pictures of the yester years and the current ones.

Priyanka Chopra

priyank chopraA successful Bollywood actress, an ex-miss World and a pop sensation, Priyanka is one of the most busy actresses in B-town who has also undergone a series of surgeries and treatments. Apart from her nose-job, Priyanka has also undergone the skin melanin surgery to look fairer. According to a few rumors, she underwent the treatment almost sometime in the last 4 years.


kajolBong Beauty with a dusky skin who is known for her marvelous acting skills, attitude and fun loving nature. But, is this all that one needs to be successful? May be, or not! Kajol chose to undergo a skin lightening treatment or better known as the skin melanin surgery that noticeably decreases the melanin concentration in the skin, thus lightening your skin to a great extent. The result is clear and everyone loves the new look of this shinning diva.

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Shilpa Shetty

shilpa shettyShilpa Shetty is a brand today! This proud IPL team owner has been in the limelight for all reasons, right from her Yoga, beautiful body and acting. Shilpa is believed to have undergone the skin lightening treatment sometime before her pregnancy. But, this beautiful diva has dismissed all these rumors by simply calling the change, her pregnancy glow. Well, the pictures surely say the truth! Your complexion can’t change to this extent due to pregnancy can it and that too permanently? But, no matter what, Shilpa you look Beautiful!!!

Bipasha Basu

bipasha basuAnother bong Beauty in the list of skin lightening treatment is Bipasha Basu. This model turned actress has been voted as the Sexiest Woman in Asia for two glorious years in 2005 and 2007. Bipasha was heard proudly quoting several times about her dark skin. She stated, “I am dark-skinned and am proud of it”. But sadly, she soon gave in to the comments and taunts of people and underwent the skin bleaching to look fairer by several shades.


srideviSridevi and skin lightening? Well yes, check out the pictures of this beautiful actress from her earlier years and compare them to her glowing skin today. The difference is prominent. Sridevi has always been a beautiful actress who has delivered some of the biggest hits of all times. But, today post her skin lightening treatment, sridevi looks even more beautiful than ever. However, it is a bit uncertain as to when she underwent the procedure.

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rekhaTalking of skin lightening and beauty, how can we forget the beautiful and evergreen actress Rekha? A dusky, bold and beautiful actress, Rekha looks extremely different in the pictures of her initial Bollywood days and the current time. The dark actress today, has a glowing fair skin which she loves flaunting in all her gorgeous silk sarees.

Image source: Yahoo.com

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