Dusky Women

Beauty Tips For Dark Beauties

Being dark coloured is exclusive and unique. Remaining natural, using fewer cosmetics would be ideal for both fair and dark ladies. Moreover, using makeup to enhance dark features is tricky. One has to be very careful while using stuff like foundation and other powder shades.

Very few ladies can resist the temptation of buying the popular cosmetic brands available. So, here are a few tips to help the black beauties try out a best suitable way to look elegant and beautiful.

  • Choose an ideal base or ‘foundation’ shade. If a right shade is not available try using both – the dark and a lighter shade that compliments the skin tone. This will enhance the facial features.
  • Looking naturally beautiful should be the strength. So, avoiding contrast shades would be apt; using monochrome shades and adding a dash of bluish grey will have a dramatic effect.
  • Use coffee brown shades of lip pencils to outline the lips would work beautifully. A touch of metallic ebony or bronze on the cheek bones will make the face look glamorous. In fact, trying out shades that go with brown will look graceful and charismatic.
  • Mix and match shades to select the best for the dark skin. Find out if exclusive makeup kits are available for dusky skin and opt for them.
  • Applying makeup with care and skill will yield best results. Work on the features that are unique and glorify them.

Using just enough and apt beauty aids should be the key notes to follow. Try and check what suits the dark skin before making a choice.

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