12 Smart Indian Jugaad You Cannot Deny Are Creatively Genius!

India is a great country with incredible festivals, rituals and facts you might not believe at all. Many things we Indians need to change in order to get a better life but there are also certain values and achievements, which are widely appreciated. Today, Indians are making their living by varied means stretched across the world. Indians are on dignitary posts at big companies and government institutes, from world renowned scientists to writers and actors, on behalf of their competence.

Well, they are Mega minds for sure, but do you really know what creative Indians do to save a small penny and to utilize the maximum amount of product? Here I have compiled few I came across:

1.When your favorite clothes are faded, they are used as night dress and then used as cleaning wipers!!


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2. Soaps are attached to each other when one of it is about to dissolve completely, because we believe in unity!


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3. Have got plenty of old trousers/sarees?? Not an issue, no no don’t throw them, we Indian ladies are smart to make floor mat or a carry-bag out of it which lasts for years!


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4.Used cold drink plastic bottles are not crushed here, but reused to fill water/oil


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5. Old saris here are utilized to make either floor mat or durable ropes


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6. When the toothpaste tube is almost empty, it is cut off from the end then the tube is brushed before it brushes the teeth.


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7. Shampoo/oil bottles are collected along with the old newspapers and magazines to sell it off to ‘Pastiwala’ to earn pocket money. It’s a unique way to get cash from trash.


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8. Toothbrushes, after being dumped are accepted in the kitchen to clean pressure cooker lids and also to keep automobile spare parts clean. How’s that world?


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9. When the slippers/shoes are ready to slide you down on floor, they are cut into shapes to be fixed on the stool ends to avoid the annoying disturbance while dragging the stools.

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10. Ice-cream sticks are washed, dried, collected and are crafted in beautiful designs.


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11. Sweet melon seeds are washed, dried under sun and then pealed to eat in leisure time. It’s a healthy snack!


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12. Old clothes if not used as wipers are collected, tore, spread evenly, covered with bed sheets on both sides and are manually stitched to make a thick mattress. Wow, right?


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I am sure these are not even a part of those Jugaads Indians are smart at, but this is what I came across. Loved it when I compiled all the above!! People living in different countries, do you do these hacks too?

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