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The Change Agent – Phani Trivedi And Her Mission To Save Environment!

Women these days ace their career in fashion, acting, catering, business and are also smart entrepreneurs, some are even working immensely great in terms of women hygiene but have you heard a woman working for environment, for human hygiene in general? Very rare right? Phani Trivedi is one such woman, who has dedicated her life and is firm on her decision to inspire people like us to take care of the environment, to take care of ourselves!

Before founding WastePro. in 2011, Ms. Trivedi was one of those employees who had the credit to work for credible organisations but mismanagement of waste disposal by municipality which lead cows to eat the throwaways along with plastic bags triggered her to be the change. The restlessness to bring a change in this issue gave birth to WastePro: A firm which works on solid waste management solutions for households & industrial set-ups.

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“If I had not done my best to address the issue, then how can I blame others? Change has to start with me. So I became a change agent myself and now empowering others to become change agents themselves.”

Stepping into the male-dominated market, government-centric sector without even holding an academic record in waste management, wasn’t an easy thing to do. Moreover, Ms. Trivedi’s family supported her half-heartedly knowingly that she is quitting her job and it would end her monthly income and career. Winning every odd, she mastered all! Professionalism, out of the box thinking, balanced approach to business were the classic Mantras!

She conducts community awareness on handling & treating waste at the generation point, itself. Ms. Phani is the first Woman Entrepreneur of Gujarat & second in India, to have ventured into decentralized biodegradable waste management.

The Process

It starts with segregation of waste at generation point into Organic compost and vermicompost, which are treated scientifically. This is done at a micro level ( Households) & macro level ( institutional level & industries). She offers products & services in the form of Consultancy & Training for becoming Zero Waste Campuses. This is how it is helpful for anybody to adopt & adapt waste management practises.

Ms. Phani’s eco-friendly services offers a permanent solution to waste disposal problems, prevents waste from reaching landfill sites/dump sites, reduces carbon footprint and brings a shift in our mind set for waste as a raw material for making quality organic fertilizer.

She is a boon for farmhouses, temples, societies, golf course, hotel/resort, food processing units or any industry who is under the constant scanner of the pollution control board for its waste management practices.

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What Happens When We Leave The Disposals?

  1. When food waste decays it produces methane into the air.
  2. When combustion of solid waste takes place it produces nitrous oxide.
  3. When garden waste or paper waste is burnt it releases carbon dioxide.

All 3 activities cause air pollution. When mixed waste reacts with water present in biodegradable waste, it releases leachate which is toxic & directly affects soil fertility & surface as well as ground water quality.

Her revolutionary step of decentralization of waste treatment prevents air, soil & water pollution. It prevents solid waste from reaching landfill sites, in the first place. This in turn takes care of landfill emission of greenhouse gases leading to climate change. Her imaginative step stops any kind of pollution, leaving our environment healthy.

What We Can Do:

“Try composting your biodegradable waste & call dry waste recyclers to safely dispose dry waste like batteries, tubelights, plastics, glass, thermocol etc.”

“Let’s not talk about saving environment. Let’s take small steps that will lead to it.”

“Join this movement and segregate waste in 2 dustbins. Green bin for wet waste & Blue for Dry waste. Let us prevent our daily waste from reaching our dumping sites.”

“Elevate your general status to being the change agents.”

If we criticize a system, have hundreds of solutions to give, then why not have courage to implement the same and be the first to change?

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