Should I transfer one or two embryos

Should I Transfer One Or Two Embryos? 5 IVF Tips

Many a time, couples who are infertile opt for the IVF methods where they want to transfer more than one embryo to increase the chances of fertility or with the hope of having twins. But seldom do they understand that doing this is almost baseless and rather than increasing the chance of pregnancy, it diminishes the chance by almost a quarter percentage.

It is evident that culturing one sperm cell and forming one embryo to be transferred to the uterus is obviously a beneficial idea than doing it with two embryos. Some sperms can be unhealthy and some can fail to fertilize the egg cell which may lead to a negative pregnancy outcome of women undergoing IVF treatment.

When you are infertile and have no possible treatment methods left to apply to revert your condition, the ivf treatment seems to be the last hope for you to enjoy parenthood.

And so, it is not at all feasible to take risks or uncalculated decisions when you are opting for an ivf procedure to give birth to a child. As the time, effort and money are associated with such treatment procedures, you can’t really make any major mistakes while attempting the treatment.

So, if you are in confusion as to whether you should transfer one or two embryos, then here are 5 tips that might help. Read on   

Pregnancy Posture

  • It Cuts the Chances of Pregnancy by Half – In most cases when couples opt for the transfer of double embryos at the first stage of ivf itself, they think that it might increase their chances of conception by a great extent or that they can have twin babies. But they do not understand the fact that having done so, they lose chances of a successful pregnancy then gaining it. One embryo can be in poor shape and form which may lead to the incapability of the embryo to form a zygote. Thus, it’s better to settle for one embryo when you are opting for an ivf treatment.
  • Twin Pregnancy is Not Always Possible – The couple must understand that it is not always that when you transfer two embryos, it will result in the formation of twin babies. Sometimes one embryo cannot attach to the wall of the uterus and sometimes both can fail to attach. So, the chances are more that you will have one baby through the process rather than having twins by transferring two embryos.
  • Repeated Failure May Lead to Deterioration of Health – When a woman is infertile, the medication and other treatment procedure already make her weak and prone to several health disorders. In cases like these, one must not burden her with more complications of the health by repeatedly making her go through the ivf procedures. When you transfer two embryos, it might lead to failure of the process which might make her condition more complicated.
  • The Cost of IVF May Surge When You Opt for More Than One Embryo Transfer – This is one of the major concerns amongst couples who opt for the transfer of two embryos. The cost of the transfer a single embryo is already a burden sometimes and when you choose to transfer two embryos, the cost automatically increases. And if by chance the process fails, the repeated treatments might require more money which becomes too expensive for the average individuals.
  • It’s Better to Use One Embryo for the IVF Process – using one embryo definitely increases the chance of a successful pregnancy as compared to transferring two embryos. At times, the unhealthy embryos can affect the healthy embryos too and that might result in the failure of pregnancy. Thus, it is recommended by experts that couples opt for the transfer of a single embryo rather than multiple embryos. So, the next time you have any confusion in this matter, know that transferring one embryo is beneficial in every aspect.

The takeaway

Infertility comes with several health complications, mainly for women. And in addition to it remains the mental agony of the feeling of incompleteness as they cannot give birth to a child. In the midst of all these, if you have hope in the form of ivf treatment, you must not make any uncalculated moves which can shatter your dreams at the initial stage of the treatment.

When you have more chances of a successful pregnancy after transferring one single embryo, there is no need to make it complicated by wanting to transfer one more embryo.

If you want a second child, you may undergo an ivf treatment again at a later stage of life but wanting to have twins in the first go might be risky for the ones with infertility issues. So, if you want genuine ivf tips for success, you must rely on the given facts above that is enough to understand that transferring a single embryo is a better choice.

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