Young pregnant woman sleeping on maternity pillow in bed

Which Type of Mattress is Suitable During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy women, body undergoes a lot of changes which may create chaos in their body and can have a direct impact on their sleep. Pregnancy is the happiest and blissful moment for a woman, but it brings a lot of challenges both emotional and physical. If your old mattress is not providing you the required comfort during pregnancy then it’s time to say goodbye to it. You can go with latex mattress brands or any other mattress for getting a comfortable sleep during nine months of pregnancy.

Fact Check: Relation between sleep and pregnancy

Sound sleep is mandatory for a pregnant woman and it is good for her as well as for the baby. Usually during the first trimester, women feel exhausted and this is the time when you should take adequate rest. Sufficient afternoon nap and a sound sleep during night time is important for an expectant mother.

However, pregnancy may interrupt your sleep as you may require to empty your bladder more often. You will experience it right from the first trimester and this feeling may worsen in the second and third trimester. This happens because the baby’s growth puts pressure on your bladder. In such scenarios getting sound sleep becomes difficult. Moreover, pregnancy leads to hormonal changes, which can lead to insomnia and restlessness. 

A Mattress Which you Should Prefer in Pregnancy


Memory foam mattress: It is recommended for women to sleep on their side during pregnancy. Well! This is good news for side sleepers. Memory foam mattress topper can cater you softness and the required good night’s sleep. You can also try innerspring mattress for better support, however these mattresses may or may not be comfortable to all.

Medium Firmness: Most pregnant women get up to urinate frequently during the night. Hence a medium firmness mattress will be suitable for them. It is true that an extra soft mattress can cater to them comfort, but on the other side it will be difficult to get up frequently from that mattress because of lack of support. A medium firm mattress can give you the desired comfort and softness which is needed during pregnancy.

Pregnancy may give a feeling of roller coaster every time, but the good news is that usage of proper mattress can give you the much needed sleep. But one thing which you need to keep in mind is that along with the proper mattress, you should also give attention to bed. What are the dimensions of a queen size bed in feet? Do you know the answer to this question. Well! You should know it. Because along with the mattress, it will be better if you choose a queen size bed to sleep. Being large in dimension it can render you sound sleep. The dimensions of a queen size bed is 5*6 in feet.

Ultimate Mattress During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can not only bring uncomfortable sleep but can also cause back pain, which may worsen as per the shape of your body. You can also use a combination of latex and foam memory mattress if it is suitable for your body. This unique combination addresses your body change and gives you comfort during night time. As it gives the ultimate support to your back, it is preferred by many pregnant ladies during this hard time.

Bottom Line

So are you a pregnant woman? If yes, then you need to take care of yourself more than anyone else. Choose the right mattress for making your nine months a comfortable one. Before picking any mattress, try it for one night. A mattress which is suitable for one may not be suitable for you.

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