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Vaginismus – Can Women suffer from Sexual Dysfunction?

Sex for Pleasure! Sex for Fun! And then you have, Sex with Pain! If you thought having sex is the best thing in the world, you may not be completely right. Ask a woman suffering from Vaginismus and she will rightly tell you her story of Painful Sex.

Vaginismus is a medical condition that a large number of women knowingly or unknowingly suffer from. Some take help of their gynecologist while some choose to stay silent and bear the pain, considering it to be a temporary phase in their sexual life. But, the reality is by far more complex than imagined.

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Understanding Vaginismus

Vaginismus is also known to be one of the major causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction, an involuntary medical condition wherein the muscles of the vagina automatically tighten making any sort of Penetration Impossible.

This reflexive tightening is connected to the muscular tissue around the ‘vagina’. In most cases, the woman is not aware of this tautness. It is commonly found amidst Indian women, especially amongst those where the topic of SEX is considered a Taboo.

This inability to have intercourse develops a guilt in the women, making this physical condition convert into an emotional trauma as well. Vaginismus if not treated, also becomes a reason for divorce between a happy couple, forcing the man to think that the wife is not in love with him. The woman may try to indulge into sex, but her involuntary muscles tightening in the vaginal area, prevents her partner from entering inside her, causing frustration and also making him loose his erection. Thus, in simple Words – Failed Sex.

Medical experts claim that more than 50% of ‘female sexual dysfunction’ is because of this condition. A most basic ‘male erectile dysfunction’ could be the woman’s vaginismus.

Women suffering from Vaginismus also fail to undergo a medical gynecological examination which includes penetration. The reaction is almost similar to that or our eyes which automatically shuts off when something approaches it. The reaction is automatic and designed to prevent any sort of pain in the body.

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General Reasons for Vaginismus

  • Previous ill-treatment during sex
  • Records of uneasy sex interactions
  • Connecting dissemination with aches and hence dreading it
  • Being told repeatedly that sexual indulgence is not right.
  • Incorrect knowledge
  • Worrying about functioning
  • Austere pious Childhood
  • Afraid of being deflowered

Though a few general reasons for vaginismus are mentioned here, there could be other causes too. So, every occurrence must be evaluated exclusively.

Physiological reasons can also be due to injuries, illness or contagions. It could be because of complicated pregnancy, variation in hormone secretion and uneasiness from inadequate stimulation.

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Vaginismus Treatment

Vaginismus Is Not An Untreatable Ailment. It is a state that can be cured easily by medically advising the couple, plus helping them with some workouts.

Feeling soreness while sexually interacting can result in psychological issues like depleted self- respect, feeling depressed and others. Hence it is essential that expert advice be taken if vaginismus is suspected.

Do not blame yourself unnecessarily or silently. Consult a specialist help you cure the problem. You can also opt for a ‘sex therapy”. If needed, the woman can be given some anti-nervous medication. The gynecologist can examine and suggest common ‘dilators like a local anesthetic cream or oiling creams’. A few counseling sessions will help the couple have sex normally.

Exercise Tips For treating Vaginismus

  1. Emptying your “bladder’.
  2. Shrink ‘your pelvic floor muscles’ hold for ten counts. Relax for ten counts.
  3. Follow the pattern ten times. Repeating daily thrice.

To effectively feel the muscles respond to your treatment, do not use the muscular regions of your lower torso while working out. Initially use dilators under medical supervision, only if prescribed by your doctor.

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