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Why Bali is My Favorite Holiday Destination??

Swastiastu WomenPlaneters!! Vacations are fun, especially when you go to one of the most beautiful places in the World – Bali!

A holiday destination visited by thousands each year, this South-Eastern Peninsular holiday destination is much more than you could ever imagine.

Travel Destination Bali

Blessed by Mother Nature, Bali is all about exotic beaches, mountains, forest, rivers, wild-life and lavish resorts that can make you feel crazy throughout the trip! With each day, you will only feel better and love the place more. It’s hard to bid farewell to a place that revives your spirit and body.

We had booked our hotel and other reservations through online services. This was my second international trip and so, I was too excited for it. We spent the first 2 days relaxing, sleeping and visiting the beach in the evenings. The guide at the hotel had named us a few places in Bali that we could visit ourselves.

Trip Highlights

– We booked us a bike to enjoy the trip and visit places in and around Bali. And guess what, petrol in Bali is much cheaper than petrol in India! 😛

– The next thing that shocked me was the conversion of Indian Rupees into the currency in Bali. It made me feel like a Millionaire overnight.

1 INR = 186 IDR. Lol!! Our lunch costed us a massive 1,50,000 IDR i.e just 800 INR :)


Ubud- Art and Culture

Ubud is an artistic town, but far from other beaches. Simply hire a taxi and reach the location. You will need half a day or full day to enjoy the beauty of Ubud. You can go for traditional dance shows, monkey safari, beautiful art gallery, temples, agriculture visit, and more. Street shopping is always a nice option everywhere in Bali.

Other than this, massage is an easily available option in Bali.

Best Season for Visit

Overall, Bali trip can be a cheaper option than other overseas options we have from India. During March, hotel rates are very reasonable. You will get nice online deals for a longer stay.

The fun we had in Bali cannot be experienced in words. The trip and experience was amazing and unforgettable. You can definitely consider Bali as your next vacation destination and I am sure it’s worth a million visits.

We visited almost every renowned location in Bali and captured the beauty of this destination for a lifetime in our camera. Here is a glimpse of Bali, the way we enjoyed!

Colourful Beach – Seminyak


It was a treat to my eyes when I entered the beach at Seminyak in the evening. Bali beaches are famous for sunset. The local beach restaurant has done a great set up with colourful umbrella, bright beanbags and decorative night lamps. Streets near the beaches were very lively and full of shopping items. Being a girl, yes I loved that part and I found Seminyak best for shopping. Only drawback I found was that it gets closed by 9 PM, only in this particular area.

Seminyak, Kuta, Legian – All the beaches are nearby and easy to travel on bike.



A very famous beach at Bali! I found it noisy and overcrowded. I liked the place but we choose other semi crowded beaches to stay. In Kuta, you will find all big brands, shopping malls, 5 star hotels, Mc D, Pizzahut and more that can make you happy. Overall, it’s a nice place!

Legian – Peaceful Beach

Legian beach

Legian – Peaceful Beach

Legian night club

Sit there with a corn in hand, and spend the best time with your loved one. This was something memorable to me. The beach is really peaceful but the street is not! It has loud party places. Legian is an amazing place with late night Pubs, Bars open till 4 am in the morning. This place is very lively and safe for girls too. You will find many girls and boys on the streets roaming around and having fun. Time we have spent in Legian was really special.

Water sports at Nusa Dua

water sports at nusa

Water sports at Nusa Dua

nusa water sports

Nusa Dua- A Place for water sports mainly. Peaceful sea allows you to enjoy with different sports there. We tried with flying fish, sea walking and visited turtle island via fast boat. Sea walking was really memorable and was a great experience. Not saying much here as i want my pictures to say it all to you.

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