Winter Weightloss

The craze of shedding extra kgs with dream of never getting it back but without any efforts! Let’s break the myths to know how. Easy ways always attracts but do we ever wonder the harsh realities of those shortcuts. Just because it is trending, can we follow anything blindly?? Oh Dear self we need to rethink. It’s time to fix the habits that have been inculcated unknowingly.



  • New Year Resolutions

Promises and the resolutions are something we rely on or at least try to hold on to. But, how seriously do we take these resolutions? It is time to have introspection with the trending fashion and our own perception of fitness.  These are the words to give us new hopes and ambitions to start afresh- like Fitness.

  • Gym Diaries

Let’s just accept that fitness is for life and not for fashion, but it’s so difficult to accept. We try and we keep procrastinating to tomorrows. This social media fever takes us to gym only to stop making it a routine, it curbs our income as additional expenditure unnecessarily.

  • The cheat days

Before the loyalty with fitness resolutions are sought, we start pampering the cheat days plan. If cheating is not allowed in relationships then why to our OWN SELF. You love yourself Don’t you?

  • But she eats a lot n still is so slim

Ugh the Comparisons! We consume different articles and sayings, in fact bombarded by now that different people have different body type and so their appetite also varies. It seems we are totally trapped under the vicious circle of all time comparisons and sadly for body images too. It is time to break this constant admiration of other bodies, start spending time on mirror instead.

  • I will diet after the celebrations

Our country is full of festivities, in fact one of the specular identities of our culture is the different festivals and the ways to celebrate it. All the chaats and mithaais are to savour the occasion with dear ones. Well, unfortunately our routine workout is too low to allow this. Try to taste in small proportion in this way you will not crave and feed your taste buds.

  • Starving and not able to sustain

STARVING WILL NOT SUSTAIN! It’s the biggest warning one should take as we bid goodbye to 2016 and pay our sincere hello to New Year and should engrave this thought for rest of our lives. The morning breakfast of king size is so necessary as well as the every 3 hour of munching else you will surely hog. The body gets confused on the nature of food consumption, let your belly speak to brain.

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