Women Faking Stories – Are Women Always The Victim?

Woman, a beautiful human kind is often considered vulnerable. She is considered as a portrait of power and simultaneously crime against her has caught up the speed. Laws are redefined, post-modifications; they were a demand! Crime should be controlled and criminals should be punished, that’s the right way. Several laws, amendments, courts, NGOs, feminist population increased in four fold. Definitely a requirement, they are meant for women after all!

Women are praiseworthy at beauty, at patience, at shopping, at love & care, at making delicious food and these days at Cooking Stories!

Overwhelmed, feeling secure and protected at all fronts by Indian government, women these days do not hesitate to file criminal charges against men. The FAKE ONE’S! Unhappy in a marriage – file a Dowry case! Having an extramarital affair – File a Domestic Violence case! Father not paying heed to her love relation – file a rape case! All these have become a trend. Doesn’t it? I am surprised how can a daughter file fake case against her father and choose to stand with her lover who probably is just a temporary infatuation!

  • 31,292 cases of alleged cruelty by husbands and in-laws were filed by women under Section 498A of the IPC between 2011-2013 – And They Were Found Fake!
  • 10,193 in 2011, 10,235 in 2012 and 10,864 in 2013 – Hype In Build Stories!
  • 1,207 cases of insult to the modesty of women (Section 509 of the IPC)- Found Illegit!

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Recent Fake Cases:

  • In Mohali, a daughter files a fake rape case against her father. Filed forceful abortion case against mother

Reason: Was in love with a boy and parents disagreed of their affair.

  • In Chandimandir of Haryana, a wife filed rape case of her 3 year old daughter against her husband.

Reason: She had regular fights and rude conversations with husband.

  • In Gurgoan, Dowry case was filed by the wife on her husband and in-laws. Her husband had already committed suicide last night from the 9th floor. Yes, A dowry case on a dead man.

Reason: Husband and Wife regularly had a tiff about her job. Wife frequently threatened to lodge a case under 498A IPC. Brother-in-law often abused the victim physically, who later committed suicide to rescue from fake cases.

  • A 28 year old woman complains at Tumkur Police Station that, she was gangraped by five men in a SUV. Police later found out that the woman was into sex trade and had a consensual sex with two of the men who had paid her.

Reason: She was completely drunk during the sex with duo in the car, something went wrong to which the two men assaulted her and pushed her out in midway. During this incident, there were many eyes watching her. She disliked the fact of her being a prostitute became public!

  • A woman in Delhi, hired a taxi for a destination. When the cab driver asked for the fare, a nominal 500/- Rupees, she screamed Rape.. bite his right index finger and got him framed falsely. Police caught the cab driver and booked him for rape charges, who was later freed after 6 months of investigation which proved he was Not-Guilty. But, his life was already shattered.

Reason: The woman didn’t want to pay 500 rupees and so she screamed Rape and got the man framed.

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These are just few of thousand fake cases that are filed against men every day. It not only tarnishes the very image the man had built in for years but also risks the women’s genuinity who in several cases are actually victims. The man on whom the charges are applied loses his job, family and respect that he has earned in the society.

Laws are made to protect women not to misuse or blackmail men. Ladies who have ever thought of threatening someone with IPC laws or has already done it, make sure you do not do it. You never know it can be your loved one’s tomorrow.

The Sun, The Moon and The Truth are un-concealable! So, just keep preparing delicious food, soar high in aimed goals, hang out with friends and family, have your opinions, speak out the nice way, do not stop shopping around and leave genuine men alone!

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