Women under pressure

Working Woman Leading the Under Pressure

Today, there are many women in the world who are working professionals. Thus, they have to carry output the responsibilities of home as well as offices. Today is a very competitive world. All types of industries have to run under extreme internal and external; pressures. The threats of crime and terrorism trigger the pressure of working women in various organizations. The economic recession and losses are other major causes of these professional pressures. The women employees are succeeding to work under tremendous pressure.

The Conditions

The following are some of the conditions under which an organization faces the pressure:

  • Immediate action and decision making: Do the client expect the largest quality and good quality work in a very short time? Are you sometimes unable to meet the deadlines? Is the time scheduled short for you?

  • The pressure of time: Are you finding less time in a day to complete all your assignments? Are your multitasking skills producing errors?

  • The scrutiny of the stakeholder and the public: Are your work is subject to a lot of scrutiny by the public? Do you have multiple numbers of stakeholders? Do they often scrutinize your work?

  • Insufficient information: Are you getting insufficient data or information from your clients?

  • The limited resources: Are you finding limited resources for your essential assignments and projects?

The more is the number of “yes” of these statements you are under more work pressure. Such pressures are very common in almost all types of industries in the world. But you should always be prepared to work equally well under all types of pressure and tensions in your office. The 2009 census has depicted that maximum pressure occurs in the management rather than external factors.

14735176_lThe Remedy

The following are some of the remedy or solutions of the work pressure in your organization:

1. Reflecting, learning and adapting: The working people should always try to adjust to the changes that take place in their working environment and the job responsibilities.

2. Scanning the environment and watching the possibilities: People having good leadership qualities can be good managers in the organizations. They must scan the working environment and figure out the future good possibilities of the organization.

3. Expecting the mutual trust and the respect: The mutual understanding and respect are two of the most essential factors for good output in any firm. All the employees must be highly cooperative with each other. There should be excellent teamwork in the organization.

The women employees are always very important in any firm. The male staff must always give respect to the working woman. All of them must work together to give the best output.

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