sexual touch vs empathy

Wrong Sexual Touch – How Many Times Have you Experienced it?

Long stares on the chest… A touch at the hips followed by a ‘Sorry, it was by mistake’! A sexual gaze at your jeans clad legs and dirty rubbing against your breast in a bus! Women in India have to go through such vulgar sexual approaches every single day! To men, it doesn’t quite matter whether you are a 16 year old naive girl or a 40 years old mother! The way people look at you and make sexual advances at you is not right!

The video below by Shridhar LifeSchool on Wrong Sexual Touches Vs Empathy, highlights these Wrong Sexual Touches experienced by women in public. This frustrating and sad reality needs to be brought to an end! The video urges women to Raise voice against this Offense! Stop being Silent! Stop Suffering! Stop Feeling Disgusted!


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