10 Fun Ways to Workout Outside

Growing up, we pretty much lived outdoors. You could catch us climbing trees, running around the park playground, hanging from the monkey bars, doing summersaults in the grass, and play games like tag with our best friends on the block.

What happened?

At some point or another, most of us lost our connection to nature. We also forgot what it was like to be silly, playful, and carefree as a kid. The pressure of life got in the way and suddenly, before we even noticed it was happening, we blinked to find ourselves shackled to our desks indoors from 9-5.

But that free spirit doesn’t have to be lost forever! Tap into your inner kid with these 10 fun ways to workout outside.

  1. Water balloon fight!

What better way to revisit the best memories of your youth than by organizing a water balloon fight at your local park! If you have the space in your backyard, even better—fewer things to carry! Remember, the goal is to stay dry for as long as you can, while having as much fun as you can.

  • Hula hoop!

Sticking with the silly train, let yourself go to the rhythmic flow of a hula hoop. You’ll whittle your waistline down with every hip rotation and you can always learn new tricks to hone in your long-lost talent.

  • Playground pull-ups!

Monkey bars aren’t just for kids—you can totally transform a playground into your personal gym equipment to get some reps in as you swing from bar to bar.

  • Beach volleyball!

Summer may be fading away but the weather will still be nice for several weeks to come. Get a group of friends together for a lighthearted pickup match on the sand, or head over to the court with your BFF and try taking on some competitors to relive your glory days.

  • Go surfing!

On days when the sun is beating down, don’t let it keep you trapped inside. Explore your inner thrill-seeker and book a surf lesson at a school nearby. It doesn’t matter if you catch any waves—it’s all about the experience.

  • Swim laps!

Some people aren’t fans of the ocean, and that’s fine, too. But you can still cool down while getting your heart rate up by swimming laps back and forth at your community pool.

  • Play catch!

Playing catch is perhaps one of the least complicated yet most enjoyable games you can play at your leisure. Dust off that old mitt and toss the ball back and forth. You might be surprised by the therapeutic effect it has! And hey, if you have a pup sitting around at home, don’t forget to bring him along so he can get some outdoor exercise, too.

  • Tennis match!

If you’re feeling up for a challenge and really want to torch some calories, do a quick internet search to find the closest tennis court in your area. Even if you’ve never played before, learning a new skill is always rewarding.

  • Host a dance party!

Dancing is an incredible way to burn calories without even realizing it. You and your friends can boogie that day away, swinging around in circles, before you notice how much you’re sweating. If you’re afraid looking silly, don’t be—that’s what this is all about.

  1. Pick a sport!

Nobody said adults can’t play sports once they grow up. There are all sorts of recreational adult leagues you can join, such as kickball, softball, basketball, and more. Pick up where you left as a kid, or give something new a try with your friends. Not much of a team player? No worries. Invest in the best long distance running shoes that money can buy and just keep going until your heart’s content.

Final Thoughts

These are our favorite ideas to have fun in the sun and staying fit while you’re at it. Most of these activities are totally free or cost barely anything at all, so everyone in the family can make memories without digging into the budget. Remember to bring lots of water to stay hydrated and pack plenty of sunscreen so you’re protected all day long. The most important thing is to get up, get out, and get moving—so what are you waiting for?!

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