10 Innocently Silly Behaviors That Define Student-Teacher Life At School!

Teachers Day is the day when we thank our teachers who engraved the basics into our life, who became those steps in the ladder for us to climb high. Though there should be no special reason to thank them for what they have build in us, but to make them feel special, we have this day dedicated to Teachers on 5th of September every year.

Though we love our teachers today, there were times when we might have disliked them for some or the other reasons, there might be days when you must have made fun of them, you also might have been part and parcel of those unending class masti. Let’s go back to our classroom masti which probably we all did and read the below points to cherish your teacher-student relation.

With all due respect to Teachers all across the world, read these pun intended crackpots!

1.Everyone’s Dream
As a kid, most of the them desired to be Teacher when grown up! Little did they know it ain’t so easy to be a teacher!

2.The so common Dialogue!

For everyone, classroom is a classroom but for teachers, it is fish market!


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3. To be in Good Notes!

Giving rose or any flower to teacher was a proud thing to do for any student!

4. Enjoyed by Everyone!

Because there’s no predefined time to play a prank on teachers! No matter how decent you were in the class, you did enjoy the pranks by those bunch of notorious classmates.

5. After all, it’s better to concentrate in Math!

You changed your seats as per your teachers strictness, I did that, did you? And you never liked it as you always want to sit with you bff.

Teachers Day

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6. When ‘Sh’ went ‘Ss’!

A little mispronunciation by a teacher was too much to giggle and actually to master the art of controlling while she/he is looking at you.

7. I Like Her But I Hate Her!

You had a right reason to hate your class teacher – For she always loved the toppers, who then became the monitors!

8. And Teacher’s Day Was The Best!

Mimicking your teacher was the best time pass! But dare anyone did the same to your favorite teacher.


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9. That’s Mine!

Giving the best greeting card to your favorite teacher was like securing a great honor in the class.

10. Because That Makes You Attentive!

Getting your teacher a piece of chalk and a duster was the first thing you wanted to do in just one instruction!

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