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10 Typical Girl Traits That Guys Hate!

She is bold… gorgeous… smart and dresses elegantly! For any guy, these are some of the basic traits that appeals them to a girl. But, while there are traits that appeal, there are also ones that men hate from the core of their heart. Yes… girly traits that boys HATE!! You didn’t know? Well well… read on to find out about them. I am sure they will help you out at some point of life!


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  1. My Ex

Do you often talk about your ex… The way you guys parted… How you had fun with him…blah blah blah??? If yes… Stop! This is a big time turn off for men! Let the past be buried in peace, and you talk about your current partner!

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  1. Intimacy And Desperation:

Being bold and expressing your needs is a good thing, but not when you want to be intimate with a guy you hardly know. See… the more desperate you act, more turned off will be the guy. Men like girls who are responsive but not the ones who stick to them always.

open book

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  1. Being An Open Book

Men love interesting and mysterious girls! Don’t be an open book for them or reveal all your secrets to them! Let them unfold the mysteries one by one with time! This will keep your relation crisp… interesting and hot!


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  1. Overly Perfumed:

Which one is it? Kenneth Cole’s Black, or one of Victoria Secret’s body mists? Well, no matter which one is your favorite…. men hate girls who apply way too much perfume on them. They love your natural sweet smell, with just a pinch of perfume to escalate your smell. Adding too much perfume, only gives them a headache and a reason to stay away from you.


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  1. Long Colorful Finger Nails:

Girls love to grow their nails and try various nail colors. But, from a guy’s perspective, they are dangerous and dirty. Men prefer natural, small, clean and manicured fingers.

 mom love

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  1. Bossing:

Men love to take their own decisions, do what they like and being independent. And they simply hate a girl who tries to overpower their decisions. Don’t become their mothers…it is best if you stay their friend!


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  1. Claiming A Relationship Status:

You love him…great! But in return, let him choose to love you back. You cannot impose yourself or claim to be his Girlfriend and force yourself on the relation status. This will only turn your guy off!


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  1. My Attitude:

So, are you Miss Attitude? Well, great… especially if you like to stay alone! Guy hate girls with attitude. They like chicks who are friendly, soft natured and happy! So, if you want your guy to be with you, give away your attitude.

 tell tales

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  1. The Gossip Queen:

Do you like chit-chatting with girls and men? Well, this is surely not something that any guy approves off! Talking about your relation or gossiping about others is the most irritating trait in girls for a guy! Let it go.. and he will cherish you more.

 make up

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  1. The Makeup Shop:

Girls… well not all girls though, love applying makeup! Yes, they do enhance your features, but also hide your real beauty. Guys, surprisingly love girls with minimal makeup, but who look gorgeous naturally. Too much makeup is a big Time turn off for guys! After all, you don’t want to be nicknamed as the Halloween queen for your makeup!

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