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12 Effortless Habits For Beautiful And Healthier Hair

We all dream of beautiful, shiny, healthy, voluminous hair.. And the list do not ends at all when it comes to our expectations from our hair. While experimenting with every good shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, colors and what not, instead of building a great appearance we end up spoiling our hair. But hey, there’s nothing to be disappointed as Women Planet has accumulated some pretty unusual habits that you can cultivate for the sake of your beautiful hair.

Just try these DIY methods on your hair and feel the silky, shiny and smooth hair forever:

1.Apply normal white vinegar on your damp hair, just after the shampoo. Leave it for few minutes and then rinse well with water for brighter and shinier hair than ever.

2. Wash your hair with egg whites at least once a week for stronger hair.

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3. Do not wash your hair on regular basis, it will wash away the natural oil which is required for healthy scalp and hair.

4. Always use sulfate free shampoos. Sulfate is responsible for washing away the natural moisture of the hair.

5. Massage your scalp with wooden brush to increase the blood circulation, which increases the hair growth.

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6. Braid your hair before you sleep, it gives your hair a tangled free morning.

7. Do not blow dry it on regular basis. Or before blow drying use leave – in conditioner or a blow dry lotion to prevent it from the heat. The same applies with every hot devices you use for straightening or curling OR Just let them dry of natural wind.

8. Never sleep with damp hair, they are more prone to breaking.

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9. Nothing damages your hair more than being in stress, so relax!

10. Consume biotin, protein, natural fats and vitamins, nothing can make your hair more healthier and beautiful than the food you take.

11. Nourish your hair with Avocado mask/natural hair oil at least once in a week.

12. Use pillows covered with Satin/silk/smooth cotton only. Other material may increase the hair breakage when you move while sleeping.

How simple are the above habits? I am sure this is something many women already doing it. That’s amazing inexpensive methods of keeping your hair the way you want. Do you have anymore to add here?

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