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15 Things Every Woman Must Try In Her Life!

Imagine bunch of new friends, lots of food and fun alongside craziest things you may do today and pack home memories only to smile in old age rather regretting of not done things you loved to the core. Live your life, don’t let it go worthless! Build real time stories to tell your children and grandchildren in future only to make them inspired and excited about everything that you had done. I bet you, that’s the time you would cherish the most.

There’s no better time than right now, and so this is the bucket list I guess every woman should add into theirs:

Learn Music

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1. Learn to play a music instrument

Stranger Trip

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2. Go on an organised trip with complete strangers

Call Your Crush

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3. Call your crush and tell him why is he special

Dig A Message

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4. Bury a message to yourself only to be opened after 10 years

Talk Adult - Bucket List

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5. Organise an only women’s party – just to talk adult

Say Yes To Adventure

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6. Say yes to instant adventure (Water, Land or Sky)

Write Letters

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7. Write multiple anonymous letters to the people you know

Sun Salutation

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8. Do a sun salutation on top of the hill

Casual Relationship

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9. If you are single, go for casual hookups and leave the worry aside

Sit Quitely

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10. Sit quietly for at least an hour in a nature’s spot

Travel Solo

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11. Travel solo at least once in your life


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12. Visit few archaeological sites with friends, note down your own deciphers, then compare everyone’s – Create a Laughter Zone

You And Animals

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13.  Spend the entire day with animals, working for them

Go swimming at night 14

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 14. Go swimming at midnight on beach

Beautiful Young Woman Outdoor. Enjoy Nature

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 15. Switch off yourself from technology for at-least 5 days, go complete green!

And it seems that my bucket list is going to be endless. Don’t you think it would be great uncomparable bunch of memories you would have holding when you die? I will definitely leave this world, only after I have satisfied with every point of my bucket list. Ladies, what’s your to-do thing?

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