monsoon home interior

4 Creative Home Interior Tips To Set The Monsoon Mood!!

“Rain clouds come floating in, not to muddy my days ahead, but to make me calm, happy and hopeful.”  ~ Rajuda

Monsoon is a season of joy. A lot of our emotions are evoked with the onset of rains — The thunderous clouds, the smell of fresh wet earth, the joy of walking while it drizzles… This is also the time when we start thinking new and afresh both personally and for our spaces. There are some tips to bring home monsoon without the wet and the pains of cleaning. With these, you are sure to feel the monsoon ambiance in your home, making you feel absolutely relaxed and peaceful.

monsoon candles

  • Light some scented candles or oil diffuser with scents focused on lavenders and citrus. It will bring the outside to the inside and create an ambient space. Use some green ribbons to decorate the candle. Gives an earthy feel in the house.

monsoon sofa

  • Change the cushions from summer colours of pastels to bright greens and yellows inviting the monsoon feel in the house. Specifically, overlooking windows and balconies the outside freshness gets translated inside the house.

monsoon doormat

  • If you don’t have a doormat, now is a good time to get one. If you are into quirky products, you can always get doormats which have funny one-liners to get a laugh.


  • Get some ferns and do some painting of the same on the fabric. The impression of the leaves can be framed and out on the wall
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