What’s New In The Urban Interior Design Industry?

Giving your home a new look with simple interior design concepts is an art, an art that is constantly evolving. You will see newer concepts, newer ideas and thoughts that can add magic to your abode. One such concept is that of the Scandinavian designs.

The Scandinavian Design

b975df02b5b7c6737eb00cad154b5e2eThe term Scandinavian design emerged in the 1950’s and marks the concept of “beautiful things that make your life better” from various countries namely Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. It is often referred to as democratic design, because of its aim to appeal to the masses through products that are accessible and affordable.

Scandinavian designers were influenced by everything going on around them. With their tradition of craftsmanship and efficient use of limited material resources (due to their relative geographic isolation), they combined the best of both worlds. In line with prevailing democratic social views, everything was made to be available to everyone. The notion of  enjoying the work you do was highly regarded, and the idea that beautiful things could enrich people’s lives was kept alive. Moving into the machine age, surviving became easier, and functionalism evolved into also meeting the emotional needs of people. This gave Nordic functionalism a more natural and humanistic side. But there still existed more extreme approaches to functionalism, which stripped all decoration in favor of pure function. The long winters and few hours of sunlight inspired Scandinavian designers to create bright, light, practical environments. They tried to make the domestic environment as comfortable as possible with the materials at hand. These trends were picked up by neighboring countries and eventually spread all over the world.


Through these images, I am exploring the above stated concept of design and how it plays a role in interiors. One can notice the way Scandinavian design though minimal, serves purpose through its simpler elements. Many a times coming from a country where extravagance is all about how elaborate it gets, understanding minimalism is hard. But as we move to an age where less is more and our sensibilities are affected by globalness of the world, maybe functionally aesthetic design is way to go.

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