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5 Common Health Issues for Teens and How to Overcome Them

Although you might not believe that you have to be concerned about your child’s health until they reach adulthood, this is not the case, and there are many physical and mental conditions that your teen may be subject to as they grow up. To find out more about each one and what you should do if they contract any of them, read on.

1. Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are on the rise among teens, and they can be a particular problem for teens that are going through difficult times or for those that feel like they are out of control of their life. Eating disorders can also be caused by low self-esteem. If your teen is suffering from an eating disorder, there are many different treatment options available. These include visiting a residential treatment center like edentreatment.com, where they specialize in eating disorders like anorexia and binge eating. These can help your teen to cope with their condition and learn how to manage it in a safe environment.

2. Acne

Although you might think that getting acne is a normal part of growing up, acne can persist throughout adulthood and can lead to major issues with body image and self-esteem. Acne can also be painful depending on the nature of the spots and area that is affected by them and can cause permanent scarring if it is not resolved. Then, rather than feeling as if acne is a minor issue, you should head to the GP. They may be able to offer your teen tablets or topical creams that can prevent spots from appearing. You may also be able to get over-the-counter acne treatments, such as face washes and spot wands.

3. Asthma

Asthma does not have to be diagnosed in your child when they are young but can develop at any age, including when your child is a teenager. If your teen is struggling to breathe, starts wheezing, or feels tight-chested, you should seek medical advice, and call an emergency number if they are having an asthma attack, where symptoms are heightened to dangerous levels. They made need to carry an inhaler with them to help to manage their condition.

4. STIs

Although you might not like to think about your child having sex, STIs are common in teenagers who have sexually active, especially if they do not use the right forms of protection. Then, you should talk to your child about the precautions that they should be taking, buy them the tools they need for safe sex when they are ready, and take them to a sexual health clinic if you have a reason to be concerned about them.

5. Meningitis

Meningitis is extremely common in teenagers, particularly when they head to college or university, where they will be mixing with a lot of people their age. Then, you should make sure that your teen has had the vaccine against meningitis and that they head to the doctors as soon as any symptoms arise, as this can increase their chances of making a full recovery.

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