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5 Creative Home Decor ideas You Will Love!

Décor should be such that one can often change it. It is a human tendency to look for change continuously and if the décor is simple, it can be garbed up to become trendy and sometimes even fun. Here are some ideas to try:


1. Flower Vase: We always have coins lying around . Take a month to collect one rupee coin and redo your vase easy breezy.


2. Lighting up: We all have rice lights lying around our house from the last Diwali. Use it to showcase the photographs of people in your life.

classic handwash

3. Classic Handwash: For those of you who drink, how about using the bottle to add some quirk in the bathroom. This DIY hack is truly awesome

bulb plant

4. Bulb Plants: Reuse the old bulb to make a wall of greens. You can create corners with it or just redo your balcony taking away the old style done to death planters.

key frame

5. Key Frame: Last but not the least, we all have problems finding pretty key holders for our houses. Use an old frame to make a key holder.

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