5 Tips To Fall In Love With Your Husband All Over Again!

Marriage, pregnancy and kids, these experiences are overwhelming and nothing could come in comparison. Life becomes all about caring for each other, responsibilities, work, kids and of course love is still alive between you too but it has gone to the mellow side, which isn’t bad but a little spice is required in a relationship! Post marriage things makes you both stuck up with stress, giving away the romance which brought you guys together and this could get widen, making a way to a boring stressful life.

So, stop the block between you both and take some time out to fall into the ocean of romance all over again. Need help? Here we have few ideas to bring back the gone romance into your lives:

1. Book A Table

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So what if it was long back you guys have gone on a date? There’s no age or time to spend time with each other alone, and what could be better than surprising your husband with a dinner date all arranged in a good restaurant or a hotel? Seal the deal and go give some time to yourself! Wait, drop your babies to the nannies or at your mother’s for a couple of hours!

2. Go For A Walk

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Wake up, Eat, Work Eat, Sleep and Repeat! The busy schedule do not allow you both to even take out a little time for yourself and that’s when you feel the life is so boring. To make sure you say your heart to your spouse it is important to spend time with each other, not by living in the same house without having much time to talk but to take out special time. So, after dinner either take your baby along or make him/her sleep and head to a walk.

3. Take a Vacation

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Vacations act like healers, that makes you come to the normal life which you both might have forgotten to live. Work is important and so is your romance and love! With vacations comes those long hours, romantic talks, privacy all together. So take a vacation every 6 months, a trip every 2 months.

4. Ignite The Heat

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Back were the days just before you got pregnant, you wore sexy lingerie to make your man feel good. Why just him, didn’t you feel more romantic and confident? It’s not just about enticing your man but it’s about feeling good being you, feeling more beautiful and sexy. Do not think about your post delivery weight or stretch marks, your husband will surely love your initiation, because he loves you the way you are! Lingeries is to add spice to the sweeten relationship.

5. Take Time Together

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Try to take out time and spend with each other as much as you can. Cooking, do it together! Is it dusting, ask your husband’s help on weekends. Sit together for breakfast, extend the same on weekends or just take a time to bath together! We understand maybe you live with your in-laws, but how about trying this when they are not around? Or at night? There’s fun to these mischievousness. Try it!

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