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A Face Is A Book, Give It A Look!

Kitaben bahut si padhi hogi tumne, magar koi chehra bhi tumne padha hai?……

I’m sure most of us would have hummed this song especially during the time when the film ‘Baazigar’ was released. But have you ever wondered what will be your answer when your spouse or boss or client asks a similar question? Don’t get mistaken by considering this as a silly question as Shilpa Shetty wasn’t entirely wrong when she sings the number. Yes.… our faces are open books that convey visible & invisible attributes of our character and a number of interesting facts about you which can be read by a person by a mere glance at your face.

Expressions are a mirror of your feelings and they are universal. The only difference is that some people have a clear mirror whereas others have a blurry mirror. You need not be trained to gauge that. Some observation & empathy is enough to get to know in what mood someone is or what he/she is feeling, but only when they have a clear expression on their face. Whereas if the mirror isn’t clear, then training on micro-expressions and keen observation is required to understand what the other person is feeling which in turn also tells us whether the person is being honest or is telling a lie.

Dr. Paul Erkman has done intensive research on this field for several decades (which formed the basis of a popular series in the West titled ‘Lie to Me’) but the face reading that I’m talking about, focuses a little on reading a person’s mood or feelings from his/her expressions. What I am mainly talking about is a method of knowing characteristics like someone’s convincing abilities, attention to detail, preference towards changes or continuity, etc. from the shapes & sizes of the features on their face.

You all must have assumed by now where I’m getting at. I’m talking about a skill which is not very common & if learnt can make you stand out in a crowd. It’s very easy for a face reader to get to know a person’s basic nature from his/her face & with practice it is possible to do so in just a glance. Imagine how easier life will be if you can read your clients’ face, know their preferences & pitch accordingly.

Generally it’s believed that uncommon stuff is difficult to learn & here I beg to differ. I know someone who learnt it at a tender age of 12 only by reading related books & experimenting with people around; how do I know her? I am that girl….. Agreed that I was too passionate to learn it & hence chased it beyond limits but I can utilize my knowledge to help your learning become easier. Although that doesn’t mean that you need not put any efforts or you can learn it without practicing it. If you can bring PIP (i.e. Patience, Interest & Practice) to the table, I will arrange for everything else. So come to see the true beauty of faces & I promise that you will never look at faces like you used to….

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