Valentine Story - 2

A Valentine Surprise, She Will Never Forget!

Since days I have been telling my heart, “It’s going to be unique this Valentine.” but it says, “Nah, it will be the same usual things you guys did for years, a candle night dinner with the family followed by a movie.”

It’s 13th February, I am back from work, waiting for him and a could be surprise. He arrives in a while, with some tensions enfolded with him. We had dinner together, spoke about regular family-office stuff while I also kept my ears sharp and to be quick to react upon his Valentine plans but he did something unexpected. He came close to me, raised my chin and kissed me. “Happy Kiss Day Sweetheart” I smiled and kissed him back.

Before I could ask or tell him anything, “Goodnight love.” His words gave me mixed emotions- happy and little sad. Oh come on… I was expecting something he would speak of, but he did not.

Its Valentine’s 7.30 AM, he is still asleep. I woke up to pick the newspaper and milk at door but surprisingly the newspaper was alone today. I sneaked into the kitchen to check the matter, opened the refrigerator to go astonished on how my milkman left a note in my home? Epic it was later when I gathered that it was a note from my better half – “Get ready soft bun, let’s begin the day with a…”

My lips couldn’t stop but moved while I blushed. I turned around to get the incomplete message to only find him right behind me, staring with oh my god, that look which makes me nothing but take away my eyes from his. He grabbed me in his gentle strong hands, crushed me in his love and placed his manly lips on my softs.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Love.” I kissed him back.

“Yeah, A Happy one for sure but this isn’t over yet marshmallow.”

What was he upto? Is he indicating some bedroom time? I was still in thoughts and there he began leaving tiny pecks on my neck.. I stopped thinking and there he gave me one more surprise.. He Stopped!

“Come let’s go”

“What? Where are we going?”

“I am taking you to a place as beautiful as you.” “Come on, freshen up yourself.”

Within 15 minutes, another surprise! He has packed all his favourite clothes of mine along with some of his wearables when I was asleep at night. This for sure made me believe this is a big surprise, we are going out for a day or two. He covered my eyes with a piece of cloth and took me to.. God I don’t know where!

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When he let me see, my heart skipped a beat to find that he had taken me to one of the city’s most exotic resorts, a place close to nature. Before I could react, a person approached us with a bouquet and greeted us with a warm smile. “Welcome Sir, We have made all the arrangements as per your request.”

I don’t know you will believe or call me an exaggerating storyteller but I was unable to swallow a bit of what was happening. A royal welcome, a serene natural view, a luxurious villa where it was just me and him. A kitchen with every possible ingredient in the world. We both walked in the house, he shut the door, turned and clutched me into his arms. “There’s no going out till evening. It’s just me, you, kitchen, the bed and the bathroom.” I measured all his intentions and I loved it to the core. This was nothing less than a high budget Bollywood movie.

We spoke, cuddled, kissed, made out on every possible places available at the villa’s.. sorry, cannot disclose much of these! I also cooked him Lasagna and spaghetti with red wine.. ah everything was perfect, I wanted this to last like forever. The best moment was when he gave me a wrapped gift.

“What is this?” “My Valentine Gift?”

“Yes, open it fast I cannot wait.”

“Me too.”

I opened the box to find a pack of oil body massage, now I get it why he couldn’t wait! This lasted for almost two hours, you certainly know why, don’t you? Post a hot tub bath, which lasted one more hour, we headed for a nap. You know everything we did, consumes a lot of calories 😉 It was few minutes and I woke up to a soothing music and my eyes found my pictures displaced large on the wall through a projector, every memory close to my heart. The last slide – “I am going to haunt your life forever.” Believe me I cried!

Evening had the most romantic set – couple of chairs, few people around, a golden sunset and him. At our reserved seats, we found bunch of red balloons. He smiled with a nod and waved some little children to come. He asked me to give a balloon to each, which left me love him more but you know what, I was left with none! With a question on my face, I just looked at him and he pulled out a tiny red balloon to me. The print on it said “I love my life.. it’s you.. God, I don’t believe .. please pinch me..” I pinched the balloon to find a key, A Volkswagen Key. The Beetle!

Nothing more to say, my day was already made when he expressed his love in varied ways. After a delicious dinner with the man I love, we sat at the poolside. I was very happy but I found him lost in his thoughts. “Hey, are you alright?” He just nodded with a vary smile. “No you are not okay, there’s something bothering you, please tell me.”

He turned towards me, “Today is Valentine right?” I nodded in agreement. “So, it’s a special day for both of us, where’s my gift?” I felt bad and sorry. I hugged him and said, “I am sorry… I forgot” Few seconds later I said, “I wanted to tell you something yesterday, but you were too tired.. so.. this is a beautiful place, next year can we come in three?”

He kissed my forehead and hugged me to never let go! A day we will cherish for life! Happy Valentines Day!

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