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An Assertive Journey From Blouse To Bikini

There is no doubt that change is inevitable, but at the same time it’s courageous. Women these days have hope, faith, passion and power to accomplish their dreams and desires. Womanhood has always been a tough chore to perform. One needs a strong moral to be a woman of privilege.

Trends change, time change and so changes the era, but the ideology and behavior of certain aspects remain unchanged. After the hardships, women now know to take the stand and walk forward to confront new challenges. Women are not just the models of imitation, but the hidden grace of bravery in disguise.

Her paths flow like a cheerful river water, making way of their own, which in the end dissolve into the ocean of sublime stardom of the sovereign soul. It’s true that women invest much time in dressing up in diverse ways, which are feminine that pleases them. But it’s sure that they are not simply here to perform the responsibilities, but they have a part in enjoying bliss as well.

The journey from blouse to biking must be tough, but women proved that they are no more fragile and nothing less than men. The feminism represents dignity with grace. Now the skin will not make any difference, the difference would be just in the perception of the minds of the society. We being women have to inculcate moral values and sense of equality in the minds of the forth coming generations to be more sensible and rational.

These days phrases like “Don’t cry like a girl” or “Stop being girlish” will not make enough sense, as the females are becoming the superlative identities. The woman from then and now has come up a long way. Women now are not just sexual toys to please men. They are much more capable than what men think of them. They are not the punching bags that men be violent with them. The present day women are more tough and smart, who knows to represent themselves in front of the world. They will soon prove that it is not a male dominating society.

When it comes to women safety, it is high time that men take up the charge of defending them in a reasonable way. When it comes to the defense force and other heroic divisions, women have created benchmarks all over. It is certain that this is a “Women Planet”, where women not only can become an amazing mother but an extra-ordinary “Father” too. The fearless feather of fire wings has taken an astonishing flight for the fourth coming generations to breathe in liberty.

Women these days define a commanding assembly. Being women we have to take the fact into the consideration that we must love, laugh, believe in self and make sure we never compromise for the rights that we always deserve. We are our own protagonist and none other can play the role of Women better than a Woman herself.

Image courtesy: shethepeople.tv

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