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10 Top Monsoon Fashion Essentials For You

Monsoon is here before you know it! As the cool breeze and drizzling rains replace the hot summers, the first thing you need is a wardrobe revamp. Swapping your sunscreens and summer dresses with umbrellas and rain coats is just not enough these days! If you want to stay stylish & comfortable in rains, you gotta stock up your wardrobe with these 10 fashion essentials for Monsoon this year!


  1. Chambray Shorts & Capri’s

Shorts are pretty much a Summer staple, but they can readily walk into your drizzling monsoons with just a little extra care. Remember, Cotton will cling to your bum when wet and Denims will take a long time to dry during rains. Thus, a Chambray shorts are your best bet during Monsoon.

Even Capri’s and synthetic palazzos or Culottes can be your best friend at work in this damp weather.


  1. Waterproof Bags

Bags are a must-have in rains. You never know when you need to safe-guard all your essentials. Waterproof backpacks or tote bags are a great way to keep your mobile, wallet and other stuff dry. They come in various translucent candy colors that make a great fashion statement as well!


  1. Trendy Rain Coats

Stay away from rains with trendy 3D graphic raincoats that have taken vogue this season. These can be the best kind of rain wear as they are see through and don’t hide your outfit! Plastic trench coats are another statement accessory that can prep up your look as well as keep you warm and protected in rains.


  1. Rain Boots or Crocs

Want to make a splash this monsoon with some trendy rain gear? Rain boot or open toe plastic crocs are your best mates for rain. They are trendy, they are plastic and they are durable, what else can you ask for?

tank tops

  1. Tee’s & Tank tops

Rains are not only wet but humid too and when it gets too humid you will want to shed all your clothes literally. Tank tops are a great option during such weather. They are comfortable, they are sexy and they get dry easily. They will keep you dry and fresh throughout the humid weather. Get a few graphic prints Tee’s and Tank tops in jersey or synthetic material that dries soon.


  1. Colourful foldable umbrella

Another Monsoon essential is a preppy foldable umbrella that can go places along with you. Look out for fancy prints and bubble umbrellas that are totally chic and come in three folds. Easy to use and fashionable!


  1. Funky accessories

Fashion accessories can make any outfit look gorgeous. If you are opting out of accessorizing just because of the rains, don’t fret! Opting for colourful set of plastic bangles or bead bracelets over your tank tee & shorts is a great way to brighten up your dull monsoon days!

Another great way of accessorizing is through waterproof metal stickers that are trending among international celebrities and selling like hot cakes.

make up

  1. Waterproof makeup

A most important part of your monsoon regime has to be waterproof makeup. You wouldn’t want to reach office with smudged kohl and eyeliner or wiped off lipstick, will you? Well then invest in some good waterproof make up brands during monsoons.


  1. Face wipes

Along with make-up make sure you have enough wipes during rains.  They will not only keep you fresh during humid conditions but also come handy when you need to wipe off water or at times adjust your makeup after a drenched day!

mobile covers

10. Waterproof mobile covers

It goes without saying that Waterproof mobile covers are an essential rain gear, not only for women but men as well. And with the market flooding with cute funky covers each day, it becomes imperative to have your own minion or sponge-bob mobile cover in hand! 😉

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