Time To Laugh Out Harder: Mom and Dad’s Parenting Differences!

While it comes to raising babies Dads & Moms are poles apart! We always knew Men are like mars and Women are like Venus, but somewhere deep down inside we women always believed that the things will change once we have a baby and our man becomes that adorable father figure that we have grown up looking up to! Well Well, Reality Check! Things don’t work that way!

Looking at our husbands, If we are wondering how our ideal Dads got so much adulation from us despite all the differences of opinions, we should ask our Moms about it, they can tell better! But on that later, Today I am about to tell you 10 Hilarious ways how Dads raise kids differently than Mommies.

1. Dads look for Quick Fixes, Mom look for cause!

When a sleeping baby wakes up crying during the night, Dads are always about fixing it up and putting her back to sleep!

Dad: The baby is not sleeping, lets rock the swing harder till she doses off! (Sleep baby Sleep, So that I too can Sleep! Damn!) 😛

Mom: Whats wrong with her, why is she crying?? Let me give her some home remedy for tummy ache! Is her nose blocked?? Let me turn on the humidifier! (puts her too sleep and surfs the net on why do babies wake up crying in midnight?)

2. Dad loves his baby but priorities don’t change, Once a Mother Always a Mother

Early in the morning when baby wakes up before you do and wants to be picked up.

Dad: (puts baby on potty seat and gets along with his morning ritual!) I need my Tea first thing in the morning, let her pee while I sip on it for half an hour!

Mom: Gets up, picks baby up, makes her pee while during the sur sur sound while shez at it. Carries her, goes into kitchen, cooks something up for her, warms her milk, while playing with her, feeds her, makes her drink the milk as well! (Did I hear morning tea somewhere?? Hah! lolz)

3. Fathers seek a Happy baby, while mother seek a healthy baby

So its dinner time and mommy isn’t home yet, Dad’s munching on a pack of cream biscuits while his toddler eyes him envious and hungry! He picks up one biscuit and puts into his mouth, toddler laughs out loud with happiness and he ends up feeding the whole packet! (who cares if the mommy will spent the rest of the night worrying about why the baby got stomach ache!)

While the fathers feed, Mothers make sure the food eaten gets digested as well and is nutrition packed. She tolls around in the kitchen for hours to whip up a healthy and tasty snack, but that wouldn’t bring about the smile on baby’s face! Nope! 😛

4. Fathers want to get it done with, Mothers want to help out!


Trust on fathers to pick them up while they try walking or give them toys to quicken the whole process. They are always in a rush to get things done and dusted. Impatient beings that they are~

While Mommy waits patiently helping them out whenever they need trying hard to control the urge to do it herself.

5. Daddies want them to stop crying, Mommies want to ease their pain

As strong as they are, they can’t see anyone crying! 😛 So this is what they do when the baby cries.

Dad: Give medicine for tummy ache (baby continues to cry) Rock the cradle (baby continues to cry) Take her out on drive! (Smiling baby Voila 😀 )

Momma: Tries to guess what’s wrong and start working on it. One guess after another, very diligently until she is convinced the baby has no reason to cry anymore!

6. Fathers are interested in long term goals, Mothers fret on everyday development!

bored-pandaNot everything that the fathers do is negative! Nada Look how they react when the baby misses its milestone!

6th Month Baby isn’t crawling,  Mom: OH MY GOD! My baby is still not rolled over! All the other kids have done that.. When will she do it.

Dad: Who cares about rolling over babe, look how smartly she opened that bottle cap, she is gonna be a mechanic some day!

Mom :O

7. Dad work on practice, Moms on intuition

While the dear dada tries everything he has tried before to soothe the baby and she just doesn’t seem to budge, all he can do is pray for a divine intervention or may be ask the momma!

Coz momma always knows everything, she has got the intuition! 🙂

8. Moms wanna Teach, while Dads play along

Its baby’s play time and while the dada is busy showing the baby the rules of the games and play along. Mommy tries to open up that intellect and teach the colours and shapes while at play. Though too much teaching gets boring for the baby and they eventually end up adoring their Dad’s! But hey didn’t we tell you mommy has a thankless job 😛

9. Fathers bask in the glory, while mothers love taking a backseat

Dad’s home and the kids run to them like a trapped animal does on seeing the zoo gate open (Not that we live in a zoo! 😛 Its because fathers play, dance and have fun with them while momma is always about work! While the fathers love to bask in the glory of being recognized, the mothers are happy being the man behind the curtains, readying up their Tiffin’s, tidying up their closets, making up their food charts, making sure they are clean and tidy, getting their homework done and many such endless boring task.

10. Dads stay Calm, While Moms freak OUT!

Didn’t we tell you not everything that Daddy does is so bad! Well here is yet another positive one! If the baby topples over and hurts her toe, mommy would shout down the whole medical store! While daddy cool will just dust off the dirt and ask her to do it again saying, “Hell yeah! You are my kid, you ought to be stronger than this”

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