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Why Meditate – Answers To Relieve Your Soul

Running through work, with no time for relaxation, Life seems quite unsatisfying. But, what one really needs to understand here is that it is not our body that feels the pain of the routine life, instead it is the soul and mind that needs a space of its own. With a refreshed mind and soul, you will be amazed to see how much potential work our body can pull off even after a hectic day at work.

Meditation is the key to a happy, peaceful, contended and Fuller life. It is the key that opens some of the most beautiful doors of the universe, giving us an insight of the unimaginable. There are hundred reasons why one needs to meditate. Here are some of the basic reasons that will get your mind thinking about meditation and how it helps us.

Why Meditate?

1. Release the tension knots from your mind and helps your mind relax, which is equal to a full body spa therapy.

2. When the tension gets released, emotions come alive.

3. The emotional releases are all related to several stories from our life.

4. When we meditate, these random incidents flashup in our minds.

5. The thought of these incidents or stories get released and our mind gets freed of these knots.

6. A free mind helps us become more creative and also effective in all our work.

7. Meditation is good for our health and body. It has no negative effect.

8. Meditation is not same as listening to music, affirmations or chanting mantras.

9.It is an effortless way of freeing our mind and soul.

10. During your mediation, once you start focusing, it means you automatically have learnt to concentrate.

11. Mediation helps free space in your creative mind, allowing you to take your creativity and expressions to greater heights.

12. The answers to all your worldly questions are deep within you. Meditation helps you find the answers yourself, without having to ask anyone else.

13. It helps you link up the random co-incidences together to make a meaningful synchronicity.

14. Meditation helps strengthen your intuition, the most powerful tool of the human mind.

15. With just 30 days of practice, you can see the vast difference in your life.

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How to Meditate?

Meditation is extremely easy, it’s just difficult to keep our mind still and relax for the time. Here are a few tips you can follow to meditate.

  • Find a teacher to help you get started with meditation. You will find several meditation centers in your city.

  • In case you want to do it at home, simply turn off your mobile and sit on the floor, closing your eyes. Set an alarm of 20 minutes. This will stop you form opening your eyes to stare at the watch.

  • Feel comfortable and let the time pass by slowly.

  • Meditate with not a hungry neither a full stomach.

  • Keep your spine and neck straight. Let the thoughts fill up your mind and slowly release the emotions.

  • That’s it! Slowly you will learn how to listen to your mind and soul.

  • Repeat the procedure every evening to nourish your mind and soul.

Inspirations: Some of the most successful people like celebrities, sports stars, models, creative entrepreneurs like Oprah and several others meditate to empower themselves every single day.

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